Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gym Munchies: Fitness First Energy Booster Trail Mix

Yes, I'm posting about trail mix. It's that good.

I discovered the Fitness First trail mix one gym day when I forgot to load up for energy. I'm usually pretty good at remembering to eat at least an hour before gym time. That day though, I only remembered when I was already walking to the gym, and since I was hurrying to catch a class, I decided to try the trail mix. I've been seeing it for a while, and have been really curious about it.

Makeup Madness: Up Close - Maybelline Bad to the Bronze and Cover Girl Shimmering Sands

I thought I'd start off with my makeup haul from Amazon. My friend Cielo was ordering stuff from the US, and she hooked me up. (Thanks Cie!) I wanted neutral makeup for everyday, so I ordered two really popular eye shadow products - Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze and CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Shimmering Sands.

Public Service Announcement: First Post

Hi! I've been wanting to do this site for a long time (way too long, actually), but it is only now that I actually hunkered down and did it. It's far from done - I need proper site design, for example - but I wanted to get started, so this will have to do for now. I will also be posting entries I've collected in my hard drive, so don't be surprised if you see backdated entries after this one.

This site is meant to be a place for all my obsessions, and there are a lot. I decided to keep my ancient blog a journal, and treat my micro-blog as it is - for short, random posts. This is where I can blabber on about the things that interest me. So yeah, this is The Blue Purse. Yay.