Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gym Munchies: Fitness First Energy Booster Trail Mix

Yes, I'm posting about trail mix. It's that good.

I discovered the Fitness First trail mix one gym day when I forgot to load up for energy. I'm usually pretty good at remembering to eat at least an hour before gym time. That day though, I only remembered when I was already walking to the gym, and since I was hurrying to catch a class, I decided to try the trail mix. I've been seeing it for a while, and have been really curious about it.

Fitness First has two kinds, but my favorite is the Energy Booster one so I'll save the other one for another entry. The Energy Booster packet is a mix of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and chocolate! Who says you can't have a little bit of chocolate at the gym? I love the packaging because it has all the health benefits that the ingredients provide at the back, along with the nutrition information. 162 calories isn't bad for a yummy, healthy treat!

I was surprised to find that it was really good! The flavors just went together so well. It was satisfying as a snack, and it did give me an energy boost. I don't even eat the trail mix at the gym much. I take it home to eat as a snack.

The downside is that I'm not sure you can get it anywhere else except Fitness First branches, but I think if you go to a branch, they'll gladly sell it to you even if you're not a gym member. If you are a fellow Fitness First member though, I suggest you try it on your next gym visit!


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    1. Hey Anonymous. It would have been better if you left your name.

      This is for people like me who can't live without sweets. It's the healthier alternative. Plus, life is short. A little indulgence here and there is a good thing, and this is pretty healthy. Live a little. ;)