Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fashion Candy: Bleach Catastrophe Quote Clutch

The problem with shopping for gifts is that sometimes, the gift I'm buying turns into a gift for myself. Take this Bleach Catastrophe Quote Clutch, for instance. I bought one for a friend, in a different colorway and with a different message, but I just couldn't leave the store without buying one for myself. It's just so freakin' cool, and right there in the middle of Greenbelt 5 I decided the clutch would be my "on-the-go" purse. 

This cloth clutch has two zipped compartments and opens up to reveal two clear plastic things inside that can hold cards and such. One side says "Buy something frivolous", which is perfect for my shopping/discount/privilege cards, and the other side says "Order dessert", which holds all those stamp cards you get when buying yogurt or milk tea and such. I'm using the middle part for an ID card and a credit card. I love how organized and how handy it is! 

It's great because I was finally able to unload stuff from my gigantor, beat-up XOXO wallet, which became way too heavy after I overloaded it with so much junk. It still holds my money, my other credit cards, and more ID cards plus my coins, but it's a heck of a lot lighter now. When I'm going to lunch or getting coffee or something, I just grab money from the XOXO wallet, stuff it into the Bleach Catastrophe clutch, and I'm all set. I cannot say how much I love this clutch enough! I'm so glad I got it. 

p.s. It's good that it's the end of January and I still haven't finished all my Christmas shopping, or else I would've gone broke buying myself a version of all my gifts to others, heh.