Monday, January 28, 2013

Fashion Candy: Spectacle Love

I've been wearing glasses since the third grade, so I guess I can be considered an expert when it comes to these things, heh. I also hate contact lenses, because I don't really like the hassle involved in cleaning them, lugging eye drops around, having to take eye drops every so often, and I hate how they make my eyes hurt at the end of the day. This is why I can't live without specs, and I have to change them every few years when they get scratched, acquire a tint from age, or when my eye grades change.

I was already planning on getting new glasses for a while, but I just haven't had the time to go to the optical for a checkup. I probably also kept delaying it because I really loved my last pair - Ann Taylor Loft black frame with striped black and white sides. However, the lenses have gone all yellow and I was getting headaches because of the scratches. The frame itself was kind of losing its color on the front, and I couldn't deny it any longer. I really needed new glasses.

Luckily this optical store kind of struck up a deal with our office and they were offering free eye checkups and really good deals. Since they had branded, metal frames though, I thought that the deals weren't that good for corrective glasses. If you weren't counting on wearing the glasses for years, the price wasn't worth it. However, for people like me whose eyes have very high grades and have been wearing glasses all their lives, the glasses were a steal. First of all, my high grade, ultra-thin lenses that are usually super expensive only cost half the regular price. Then they also gave me a discount on the frame that I chose. It was metal and plastic like my others, and I usually get branded metal and plastic ones because they last me years. I've had trendy and cute ones, but plastic glasses break on me after just a few months. Either they break on the nose bridge or the side stems or the lens just randomly pop out. Plus they yellow and get brittle easily. Case in point for branded metal glasses: I got my last pair back in 2009! It has been 3 years and they've been sturdy as heck.

So that is how I wound up with a pair of really cute Levi's glasses. I love the denim-covered case, plus the little belt buckles and Levis name in a girly font on the stems. I usually get black ones because I hate it when my glasses clash with my outfits haha, but hey, I used to wear hot pink ones back in grade school! The best part is that I spent half of what I normally spend on glasses for these. Very cool.

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