Friday, February 15, 2013

Clothes Spin: My Blue Scarves

Remember that very short spate of cold weather we had in January? I took advantage of those rare days to wear scarves. Friends keep giving me scarves, but I never have the chance to wear them. They're pretty cool accessories, but they can look pretty ridiculous in this tropical country. Some people here wear scarves on hot days and I always think that they must be dying inside. So last month, I finally got the chance to wear two - the chilly air didn't last long enough for me to be able to wear all of them - and they were both blue.

The first one I got to wear was this cut-out scarf from H&M that my friend Lean gave me. It's short and stringy, but surprisingly really warm. Thanks Lean!

The other one was a long, thick, floral scarf from H&M again, this time from my friend Emz. I wore it to watch Les Miserables and I was so glad I did because it was freezing inside the theater. It was actually big enough to double as a blanket during the movie! Thanks Emz!

I don't think I will get to wear scarves again until next January. Well maybe I'll get to when I travel or maybe during the typhoon season - but rainy isn't the same as chilly! Oh well. Until next time, scarves!

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