Friday, March 15, 2013

Clothes Spin: Stars

I just noticed that this site is seriously lacking in fashion posts. I'm not a fashionista or anything, but I love fashion and makeup, and I used to be the Editorial Director of a fashion, beauty, and entertainment website. I haven't been posting a lot of outfit posts here because I'm on a shopping ban. I've been on one for an entire year because I feel guilty buying anything non-wedding-related for some reason - maybe because the fiance and I are already spending so much on the wedding that we don't really feel like shopping. When we shop, we shop for wedding stuff. I've been buying personal stuff here and there but they're just little things. I haven't bought any big-ticket items at all, and my closet is seriously outdated. Oh well.

I really miss going on full-on shopping sprees with my friends Cielo and Sheva. We used to do some serious damage to our credit cards and wallets, but since last year, I have largely avoided the mall and when Mango, Zara, and Topshop had their end-of-season sales, I simply looked away. This is why I'm excited to shop for my prenup shoot outfits. I will finally get to shop guilt-free!

However, this post wasn't meant to be a discourse on my shopping situation (or lack thereof). This is about how I will post outfit pics from time to time that I've been collecting in my hard drive for a long time. I'll start with a recent one though, just to keep things current, and then I'll be posting outfit pics from the not-so-distant past.

I took these pics last February, but I wore this outfit for a meetup with my friend Cielo again today.  The weather was crazy earlier, alternating between extremely hot and extremely rainy, so I didn't feel like dressing up and ended up going with a pretty casual ensemble. It was all about stars.

Aldo watch, star ring (I forgot where I got it from), my engagement ring, blue cuff from Cole Vintage, bangles from Greenhills (I think)

Bright blue Miss Sixty shirt, Bench jeans

Black glitter star earrings from H&M


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