Monday, May 27, 2013

Shoe Love: Nike Dunk Sky Hi Mesh in Total Crimson/Bright Mango

I got me some Nike Dunk Sky Hi Mesh wedge sneakers in Total Crimson/Bright Mango! I love them to bits. They were a completely unexpected find, but in a way, this purchase was expected too. Here's why.

I've always been a sneaker girl. When I was a kid, my favorite shoes were blue Mighty Kids, white World Balance high-tops, and Converse dinosaur Chuck Taylors. When I grew up, I got into flats, heels, wedges, boots, and other kinds of shoes, but I still had sneakers. I would troop to the annual Converse sale every year with friends just because it was fun to snag something from there (like these blue lace-less slip-ons and these white rainbow low-tops. Some really pretty Pony sneakers once served as a bonding moment for me and my close friend Emz. And my then-boyfriend now husband and I once gave each other classic black high-top Chucks for our anniversary. I also have a pair of pretty pink Keds that I wear very rarely and cannot find a pic of because of reasons.

What I am not though, is a collector. I'm way into other aspects of fashion - like clothes and shoes and accessories and makeup and bags to - to commit to just sneakers. This is why, aside from the Nike Sister One trainers that I use for the gym, I don't have other Nike sneakers - or Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, etc. for that matter. I figured that had to change, but my rock sensibilities always drew me to Chucks. 

One night however, the husband and I were walking aimlessly around Mall of Asia killing time before the Aerosmith concert when we happened upon the Nike store. He always checks it when he can (like me he is also a sneaker lover but not a collector) so that night was no exception. He didn't find anything he liked though, but I saw these really bright wedge sneakers! 

Now, I really like wedge sneakers. I thought original Isabel Marant ones were fabulous, and back during my stint as the editorial director of a fashion website, I wrote about them tremendously, as well as the first alternatives that popped up. Check out the articles after the jump.

Since the time I wrote these articles, wedge sneakers have become pretty ubiquitous, and there are some really bad versions out there. However, there are quite a few good ones too, and I told myself I would get one if I find a cute pair that's locally accessible. The Skechers ones are lovely, but I wanted them in blue and couldn't find any. Then I snagged a pair of adorable navy blue wedge sneakers at Forever 21, but they were pretty laidback and I wanted something that made more of a statement. Then I found these highlighter orange Nike Dunks and I was sold. Still, I had second thoughts because they just looked extremely loud, but we saw another girl trying them on and I couldn't walk away. The hubby actually convinced me because he really liked the shoes - orange was one of our favorite colors after all - and offered to buy them as a random gift for me! Thank you bubub! 

These are by far the most obnoxious sneakers I own, heh. They actually attract loads of attention I'm not comfortable with. Random gay dude at the mall: "Aba! Di ka mawawala sa dilim niyan!" Aleq's aunt: "I should've worn my shades!" Our little cousin even played a game, counting all the people who stared at them while we were out one day. I love these shoes though, so it's all good.  

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