Thursday, June 27, 2013

Toy Nerdiness: Toy Con 2013

June 14 and 15 was all about toys! I went on the first day with my friend Jaja and her friend KC (Aleq told me to go and find my sonic screwdriver before it was gone), and then I went on the second day with hubby Aleq so he could experience it too. It was a blast! Here go the pics.

Somebody looking for the AllSpark?

Aleq and I found it. 

First purchase of the first day 

These octopus plushies were so cute. I wish I had gotten one.

With Jaja at the Heath Ledger Joker display

Jaja channeling the Eleventh Doctor!

KC and Jaja with Loki

We had a frugal lunch at Tokyo Tokyo because we were going broke buying toys.

Got the last Tenth Doctor Who sonic screwdriver! People were ready to mug me for it at the Geekerie Shirts booth last Friday. If looks could kill, I’m already dead lol. So darn lucky I got what I came for! This was why I was urged by the hubby to go the first day.

Orange and blue robots!

The Avengers with Loki

Loved this booth with all the POP Figs.

The Avengers in everyday clothes. Of course Tony Stark looks very dapper. 

The Philippine Bricksters booth. Lego mania!

Utterly adorable iPhone cases. Loved the chibi Avengers.

More chibi! Look at them cool mugs.

More awesome mugs.

Adventure Time cupcakes! 

Loved this geeky trinket booth.

Aaaah handmade amigurumi plushies. I sorely regret not getting any. Wanted the Totoro, but damn he was pricey. Check out the Tardis, weeping angel, ninja, Jake the Dog and Princess Bubblegum ones! 

Really cute jewelry stall with handpainted clay necklaces and origami earrings.


See that Sheldon Cooper POP Fig up there? I wanted it so bad.

More comics. Took a pic for the hubby.

Star Strek costumes anyone? Witty shirt there - "Live Long and Mabuhay!"

Vintage Star Trek stuff. Jaja and I wanted the Spock ears haha.

Cool Iron Man shirt with noise-activated, light-up magic + a fat Astroboy plushie

Cool Adventure Time bag tags that I decided to pass on. I changed my mind eventually but couldn't find the booth anymore. Sadness.

This box! It had all eleven Doctors in it. #&*(&%$&&!!!

The Geekerie Shirts booth where I got my sonic screwdriver from!

Don't Blink. Exterminate! I went to a wedding and all I got was this bloody shirt! 

Pixel and Hello Kitty glasses 

I freaked out when I saw Modern Masters (Magic: The Gathering) at the Neutral Grounds booth. Was going to get a booster pack for Aleq but they were only selling them on promo- I had to get 3 other booster packs with it and I wasn't willing, heh.

Part of the Revoltech display. My gosh that Danboard, I wanted one for ages! Someday, someday

Arm candy against my Angry Little Girls bag

My Sirius Black wand! Avada Kedavra, Bellatrix Lestrange!

Tardis necklace

Gandalf (The Hobbit) POP Fig for Aleq

Optimus Prime mini blocks for Aleq 

My first day ticket 

The next day, the hubby and I went armed with a sonic screwdriver!

But first, lunch at Cafe Mediterranean Podium. That's Aleq's mousakka. He loves eggplant. 

My lamb gyro plate with Basmati rice.

Tartufo Al Cioccolato for dessert, shared with hubby.

When we got to the Megatrade Hall at the 5th floor of Megamall, we ran into old friend Jing Garcia who told us that the end of the line was at the second floor. Madness!

First thing I saw - an Eleventh Doctor fig! He had the flesh however, so it was a no-go. 


Since I love Finding Nemo, I had major regrets when I saw this.

The Crow. Aleq has been wanting it for years but now finds it too morbid.

Oooh Star Trek stuff.

Can you guess why nobody was buying that Big Bang Theory shirt? *ehem*typo*ehem*

Man this Filbars stall with all the Threadless shirts was nuts. I wanted that Adopt a Direwolf Game of Thrones one!

Vintage comics

Cool shirts. Look at that Pokemon Snorlax one. Aleq liked the Iron Man one that said "Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist".

Aleq was momentarily mesmerized by these robots.

Hello there, Kenshin.

Cool Iron Man display

Those Adventure Time tumblers were adorable, especially the BMO one.

The hubby, checking out comics.

Aleq wanted this Kiss pack.

Argh I wish we got this Jack Sparrow Lego watch. 

Badass Avengers phone cases. 

Trolls! It was tempting, I tell ya.

Aleq just had to stop at this customized shirt booth. He had one made, and we came back for it after 30 minutes. 

See that Big Bang Theory superhero shirt? Check out the shirt printer at the back too.

We need that Batman ice cube tray in our house!

I couldn't get close, but that silver thing is a solid lightsaber. We've only seen it in boxes until that day. Heard the guy say it's $300 retail. 

3D printer coolness

So frustrated at the price of this Man of Steel fig! I need it in my life.  

Applying to be Iron Man's sidekick 

The Michael Jordan shrine

Heath Ledger Joker 

Hey Jack Sparrow, where's the rum?

F*cking tempting minifigs 

Hello Iron Patriot. Looking a little short today, lol. 

Super cute bottlecap necklaces!

Bottlecap zips 

I am regretting not getting that Totoro ring. And the Domokun ring. And that smiling onigiri ring. Dagnabit.

The Joker and Captain America

It's the Batman gang! 

Ninjas and robots can be friends. 

Look at little Thor!

With my new boyfriend Sulley and his best friend Mike.

Badass statue! 

Aleq loved this.

Voldermort vs Harry

Harry Potter heroes and villains

Robots are always awesome.

More robots.

Vintage goodness.

Aleq with his fellow superheroes - Thor and Superman.

The Transformers display 

A closer look

His favorite! 

Rockin' cosplayers 

Check this kid out.

What in the world is that and how could a person be in there? 

"I'm Batman."

Free Coke, yay! It was hot in thurrr.

Loved that Brave kid.

More cosplayers 

Kaonashi from Spirited Away was my favorite! So creepy. Awesomesauce.

Aleq's Toy Con Exclusive Tony Stark Iron Man POP Fig!

The latest addition to my Legolas collection (I have all but one of them): The Hobbit Legolas Greenleaf!

Could not resist this BMO bottlecap necklace.

Aleq finally decided he needed a Green Lantern ring.

Aleq’s I Believe In Zod shirt from Geekerie Shirts (He’s not anti-Superman, he just believes in Zod lol.) #OriginalSuperman

Aleq's Voltes V vs Daimos shirt! 

My favorite acquisition of the day: chibi Avengers iPhone case! Adorbz.

Aleq and I love our chibi Star Trek mug! Just look at cute Spock. 

We also got these cute things for Aleq’s little cousin Aielle, who loves pink: Hello Kitty glasses and a Princess Bubblegum bottlecap necklace. 

My outfit was a tribute to Ten. Trust your doctor! #DoctorWho #SonicScrewdriver

Second day ticket! It was totally worth it. 

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