Monday, July 29, 2013

Random Linkage: Monday Must-Reads 072913

Having a case of the Mondays? Here are links to stuff from the past week to distract you from the Monday blues.

Attack of the Pink (Fashion, beauty, girly-girl stuff)
Sounding Off (Music)
  • The Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream turned 20 this past weekend; Spin revisits their old album review. [Spin
Geek Stuff (Toys and other nerd things)
Moving Picture Show (Movies)
  • 35 Office Lessons "The Devil Wears Prada" Taught Us [BuzzFeed] *Thanks Zars!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Bookworming: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

From my Instagram a month ago: Starting the week with Eleanor & Park and green mint tea

It's about time I got books on here, so I decided to start with Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. I learned that John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, reviewed it, so I picked it up at FullyBooked. This isn't going to be a full-on review though because it's obvious that I love it -- it's on this site's masthead and I've been tweeting and instagram-ing about it after all. I even posted about it on Tumblr and it got so many likes and reblogs. Crazy. Since I don't like reviews with spoilers, here's a brief, kind of stream of consciousness, casual explanation of why I adore it so much. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Clothes Spin: Girly Gray [Throwback Thursday]

It's Thursday! The week went by so fast. I didn't post yesterday because I've been sick since, and all I've been doing is trying to get rid of this bad cold I'm having by guzzling calamansi juice and having a Laguna Beach marathon (nostalgic guilty pleasure FTW). I have no energy to do a review, so here's a quick Throwback Thursday look.

Gray and blue Joey Samson for Human dress, Longchamp LM Metal bag in Steel, black So Fab sandals, black earrings from Bugis in Singapore, oxidized silver star bangle from I forgot where

I went on a trip to Tagaytay with my dad and my then-boyfriend-now-husband for a wedding, and we spent the day before just hanging out in the area. It was rainy and super chilly at the time so we had to layer up eventually. Here are more pics, plus outfit details of my dad and A because they were pretty cute haha.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Favorite Things

My wonderful masthead has been up for about a week, and I thought I'd write up a brief explanation on what it is all about. Since The Blue Purse is pretty much a mashup of all my interests (yes people can be interested in fashion and geeky things at the same time), it was pretty much a given to just have all my favorite things in one place. Each item represents one of my obsessions, so here's a rundown:

  • Blue purse - The blue purse is actually one of my favorite bags. It's from Mango, and I love that it's kind of girly with the braided trimming and tassles, but it's also not too girly because it's blue!
  • Ninja plushie - I am a toy nerd, and I collect vinyl toys, action figures, and designer plushies. That is an Anti-Ninja of Ninjatown, one of my favorite Nintendo DS games by Shawnimals. This orange ninja's motto is "Blend in by standing out." Love!
  • Book - I always need to be reading something, be it a magazine or a book, but I usually gravitate towards YA (young adult) fiction. I only read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell a few weeks ago but it easily made it into my top ten favorite books of all time. It reminds me of how the first blush of love feels. 
  • Gadget - That is Aishi Buru (ice blue), my Nintendo DS Lite. It's actually my second one. My first one got stolen and I felt the loss so much, I didn't buy a new one and didn't play games for a long time after that. My husband gifted me with the exact same DS Lite for my birthday last April, which was the sweetest, most thoughtful thing ever, so now I'm busy re-playing all my old games. I have this obsession with finishing everything I finished before.
  • Statement ring - Anyone who knows me knows I have a penchant for oversized, enormous, gigantor cocktail rings. That brass ring with a gray stone is one of my favorites from Mango - it's sort of like a steampunk-esque, submarine-inspired piece.
  • Nail polish - I think Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe nail lacquer is the one and only nail polish for me and nothing else can ever compare. I may wear other shades, but it will always be my one true color. I love it so much I wore it at my wedding.
  • Engagement ring - When my then-fiance-now-husband proposed to me with that sapphire and white gold ring, I thought it was perfect. It was blue on silver, with a minimalist, modern cut, and was custom-made with so much effort and love. Obviously, it is one of my absolute favorite things in the entire world. 
  • Tape - The Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is one of those albums that I hold dear, and I walked down the aisle to the song of the same name. I could have chosen an iPod or CD, but I heard this music on that tape for the first time, and it brings back memories of long summers rocking out to it in our ancestral home in Bicol.
  • Card deck - I am a Magic:The Gathering noob, and that's my orange deck box and my cards in navy blue sleeves. It's a game I might never fully understand, but I will never stop playing.
  • Chocolate bar - I'm a chocoholic. I seriously get withdrawal symptoms when I don't have chocolate for a day. The chocolate bar also best represents how I am such a foodie with a sweet tooth. Hershey's is happiness, and also the first chocolate bar I remember being addicted to.
  • Lipstick - I love clothes and makeup, and this Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Coquette embodies that love. Lipstick is also the only makeup product I can never leave home without.   
That's pretty much it -- what The Blue Purse is all about, and what I am all about as well. I feel like singing "These are a few of my favorite things..." now.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Makeup Madness: EOS Lip Balm's Teeny Tiny Quirk

First, let me get this out of the way. I love love love EOS lip balms. However, they do have one annoying quirk, and that's what this post is about.

Oh no!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Clothes Spin: Blue and Beige [Throwback Thursday]

Okay so life happened today, and all I can do is a quick Throwback Thursday look. As you know from this post, I've been working on this site for a couple of years. From the time of its inception, I've started collecting product reviews and photos of looks, and now I have a pile of them in a folder in my hard drive and I don't want it all to go to waste -- hence this kind of post. At least I'll look different in every Thursday picture! When I post outfit pics here for Throwback Thursdays though it just means that the pics were taken awhile back, but I most likely still wear the outfits until now. When I love things, I wear them until they fall apart, heh.

So anyway, I chose this particular outfit because I've been annoyed at myself for a few weeks now because I lost the bag tag on my Coach purse. I know it's such a little thing, but it was really cute and it really made the bag interesting. I don't know how I lost it - I just noticed when the hubby and I got home after a long day of hopping from one place to another. It just sucks because I can't replace it (I don't want to buy the same bag) and thus, my beloved bag will never be the same.

Okay, enough with the rambling. Here's the outfit. I have no idea when this was taken though because the exif data is messed up. Sorry about that. p.s. Clearly, it was a no-makeup day, which is a little unusual for me.

Blue Zara dress with beige woven belt, gold robot necklace from some random tiangge, black Unarosa leggings, beige Coach Pebble Hobo mini bag, beige brogues from Forever 21 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Clothes Spin: Fashion Love for June 2013

This post is about two weeks late and it has been sitting in my drafts for that long. I wanted to finish the site up first -- get the design and my other tweaks implemented -- before I started posting again. So anyway, here it is.

I've been really bad at posting looks here. I'm not a fashionista (being the former editor of a fashion website doesn't necessarily make you one) but I do love clothes and shoes and accessories. My style is pretty casual, and I don't have the time nor the willingness to put in the effort to model looks or do actual photo shoots. I just want to wear what I want and then snap a quick pic of it at the start or end of the day. I do post about fashion things from time to time on Instagram though -- sometimes whole looks, at times just bits and pieces of outfits -- so I decided to just do a recap post with all the details. Maybe I'll do this every month, or maybe I'll post randomly -- I don't really know yet. For now, here are my favorite looks from June.

Orange Schmorange
June 2 - Wore this for just a random day out in the city. I built the outfit around my orange Nike wedge sneakers. Outfit inspiration: Kate Bosworth - pic is in this post about my sneakers.

Black Bench t-shirt, orange and gold Yhansy triangle necklace, burnt orange sheer skirt from Landmark, and Nike Dunk Sky Hi Mesh wedge sneakers in Total Crimson/Bright Mango (blogged here)  

Forever 21 bicycle ring, gold and silver Relic boyfriend watch, orange and gold triangle bracelet from St. Francis tiangge, Forever 21 nail polish in Navy 


Hey friends!

Finally, this website looks like how I have always wanted it to look. It has been quite a long journey, spanning two years, actually. I bought the domain name back in 2011, with the intention of having a separate blog for my interests. I have been blogging since 2002, first on Livejournal, and then eventually on Tumblr, but I then felt the need to keep the Livejournal strictly personal, and the Tumblr strictly for short, random posts. I wanted a place for my many obsessions and I wanted it to be a full-fledged blog. Thus, came to fruition.

Now content wasn't a problem, because that's my forte. Brief history: I've been a print and online magazine person since the start of my career. However, I needed a lot of help with other things, so a few thank yous are in order.

The first person I turned to was my online friend Chrissie aka Kaoko of Kingdom Cow, who I met up with a couple of times to obsess about bento. I bugged her to no end about domain names and hosting in those early days when I was still considering a new blog. Thank you Kao!

I also scouted around for a bit, trying to decide if I wanted hosting and checking if there were good, affordable options. I asked my former officemate Reynard a ton of questions time and again about it, until I came up with a decision. Thank you Nerd!

Then I went to my former officemate Dweky for initial web development help. I may have known about websites a long time ago, but by the time I was contemplating this site, my skills have rusted to the point of no return. He helped me set up the site, from the domain down to embedding. He also helped me with the template of my wedding blog at the same time. Thank you Dwek!

My friend Cielo also helped me out with some search engine-friendly tips. I haven't been able to fully pick her brain about it yet, but I've already started implementing the few things she has advised me on. Thank you Cie!

Next was web design. I have quite a few web designer friends but they were all really busy. Eventually I decided not to be a hassle to them and to look for professional services instead. I stumbled upon Cla of Pixel & Ink, and saw that she was doing graphic design work now. She has actually been an online acquaintance through Kaoko since the Livejournal days, so I got in touch with her, and thankfully, she remembered me. I enlisted her help (and business) officially, and then things started rolling. I have to say that Cla is just awesome. We were done after a couple of drafts and a few minor tweaks, and I only gave her a brief summary of what the site's about and a vague idea of what I wanted -- a header that was minimalist but pretty. Then I sent her pics of my stuff and she came up with this lovely-looking thing. She was very proactive, sending me mock-ups so I could see how things would look, and even made me sidebar images to go with my header. She was also very accommodating with my requests and was helpful when I had questions. Plus she was patient when I got busy with my wedding and took a long time replying to her emails. At the end of it all, I was very surprised that The Blue Purse turned out to be so me, and it's all thanks to her. I thought I'd put this out there in case anyone comes looking on the web, thinking about getting her services. Thank you Cla!

Of course my last thank you would be to my wonderful husband Aleq, who always encourages me to pursue my interests and always looks out for my happiness. He has been very supportive throughout this whole process. Thank you bubub!

p.s. A big thank you also to all my friends (especially Sheva and Alex) who have been supportive of The Blue Purse, even during its initial stages. You peeps rock!

Now that's done, here we go.  

Friday, July 5, 2013

Beauty Barrage: Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber Collection in Make U Smile + OPI Dating a Royal [Throwback Thursday]

Since Throwback Thursday has taken over the Internet, I decided to do it for the blog. I've tried a bunch of products way before I made this blog, so I thought it would be fun to take a look back on the ones I really liked. Some of them  may not be available anymore, but I still have and use some the products, and these blast from the pasts can serve as inspiration for colors or looks to try in the future. The trick would be to find alternatives/dupes for them.

Let's start off this back to the future thing with nail polish. Here's a look at the Make U Smile shade from Nicole by OPI's Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl collection and OPI's Dating a Royal, which is still available at the OPI website.