Friday, August 2, 2013

Beauty Barrage: Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel

Last week, I tweeted about discontinued products I was missing for Throwback Thursday. I mentioned the Lush Tramp and Back for Breakfast shower gels because I loved them and thought I would be using them for years but now they're only available online.

Then Lush posted a tweet asking followers to tweet the discontinued products they miss, inspired by The Blue Purse. [Thanks for the shoutout Lush!] 

That got me thinking about my favorite Lush shower gel of the moment -- the one that hasn't been discontinued, is still in stores, and I still get to use a lot. No question -- it's Happy Hippy. Here's a review.

I've been using Happy Hippy for a long time now, and thankfully, it hasn't been discontinued! It's a grapefruit shower gel that has such a fantastically bright fragrance. It works for both hair and body as well, that's why I use it mainly for trips, the gym, overnight things and such. I usually get the small bottle to keep it handy, and I like that it's so convenient, I don't have to tote around separate shampoo and shower gels. It's a staple in my gym and overnight bags, but I also use it at home on mornings when I need a dose of sunshine. I really like citrus smells in the morning. They leave me energized and raring to get my day started. 

This particular shower gel also feels great. It's light and not sticky, rinses off easily, and just erupts in a burst of fresh grapefruit goodness in the shower. It leaves my hair and skin soft and shiny.   

I love it because it is pretty close to my retro product favorite, Back for Breakfast, with its sunshine-y, citrus-y smell. It actually sort of hails from way back at Lush's first company, Cosmetics to Go. It's such a customer favorite, they started making it again. I hope they won't ever discontinue this one! p.s. I love the usage instructions!


  1. I tried this because you're been raving about it for such a long time! And yes, it is a great product. I was able to get this on a buy one get one sale and it's what I brought to Copenhagen. I didn't use anything else when I was on that trip.