Friday, August 2, 2013

Clothes Spin: Dressed-up White [Throwback Thursday]

Time for a Throwback Thursday look post! This is an outfit I wore to an unusual wedding. The guests were all required to wear white -- the girls, white dresses, and the boys, white shirts with khaki pants. That's because the wedding was Star Wars-themed, and the groom wore a Jedi-inspired black suit with bright blue accents, and the bride wore a light lavender gown. (Holla, Jho and Ron!)

The dress code was easy for the hubby, because almost all guys have white shirts and khaki pants in their wardrobe, right? It threw me for a loop though. Aside from the fact that my closet mainly consists of black, gray, blue, and orange clothes, I'm not really fond of white. I can be such a klutz and white is too high-maintenance for me. It also reminded me of Lo from the MTV Show Laguna Beach, when she said something like, "I would love a cute white dress, but I haven't found any. All white dresses I've seen are either too tacky or trashy." That was actually exactly what happened. I had a hard time finding anything that looked modern and wasn't made of lace (too itchy for me).

I like sartorial challenges though, so even if I was tempted to just ignore the dress code, I didn't give up. Eventually, I found a dress that suited my taste -- at SM, surprisingly, after scouring so many stores. Although it had a modern cut, I needed to give it another dimension. I put on silver accessories to dress it up, but my shoes added a pop of color and casual vibe to the outfit, since the boys were in khaki pants and all. Here go the pics, plus outfit deets for the hubby (my boyfriend at the time) and a couple of pics of us at the wedding under the cut.

Silver necklace and white dress from SM Dept. Store, silver bracelet bought from a cousin, silver heart connector ring bought from a friend, silver and white Giordano watch, paint splash Jellybean wedges

White shirt from Tieline Shop, Bench khaki carrot pants, Forever 21 Men boots

At the ceremony

At the end of the night

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