Thursday, August 29, 2013

Clothes Spin: My Mom's Skirt [Throwback Thursday]

I'm missing my mom so much at the moment. She's in heaven, and well I miss her everyday, every hour, every second, but there are days when it's especially hard. Since it's Throwback Thursday, I'm posting a look that features her skirt, which was one of the few things I kept to remind me of her when she passed away. It's actually my favorite skirt, and I don't wear it often because I don't want it to ever fall apart. It's such a precious thing to me. Picture was taken April last year. 

Black Bench t-shirt, rose ring from SM Dept. Store, gray Aldo watch, wooden bead bracelet with purple hibiscus flowers from The Bead Shop, mom's vintage floral maxi skirt, black Steve Madden satchel, gray gladiator sandals from Greenhills  


  1. Your mom clearly had style! It's a cute skirt! :)

    1. This was most likely from her 20s to early 30s years. :)