Friday, August 2, 2013

Makeup Madness: Getting to the Bottom of the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Lipstick in Tutti Frutti

TGIF! Let's get to the bottom of this post, shall we? By "getting to the bottom" I meant literally getting to the bottom of a lipstick! In makeup circles it's known as "hitting the pan", but the phrase doesn't really work for lipstick, so "getting to the bottom" it is.

This phenomenon (haha) is actually a rare thing for me, simply because I have a ton of lipstick (and lip gloss and lip balms and whatnot). It's my favorite beauty product and I just can't get enough. I do try my hardest to make good use of everything though. Great makeup shouldn't go to waste! Cue Exhibit A:

The top box was my lipstick bin last year. I've tossed out some lip things that expired (that I never got to the bottom of) but I got new ones since then.

The Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter wasn't my first orange lipstick, but it's the one I ended up using the most. I got it last year in May, and though it has been on constant rotation with a few of my favorites, I only just reached the bottom of it now. That simply means it packs a lot of product in the tube! Cue Exhibit B:

Brand new

Fresh lipstick

I really love the Revlon Lip Butters. I've already reviewed the new shade, Wild Watermelon, in this blog. Tutti Frutti was just as great. It was really moisturizing but provided fantastic color payoff. Of course it doesn't stay on all day, but you really don't have to reapply it all that much. It kept my lips soft and smooth while giving my face some lovely color. This shade in particular made it to my favorites list because it's orange! If you have been reading this blog I'm sure you know by now that I love orange anything. Tutti Frutti may seem like such an adventurous color, but even though it's bright, it's not a shocking kind of orange. It's as understated as orange can get, which is why I've been using it as one of my daily lipsticks. Cue Exhibit C:

Understated orange goodness!

It's an orange that complements the lips' natural color. It's a little glossy and doesn't come across as over-the-top, even if it seems like a bright orange in the tube. I only have a few swipes of it left though, but I'll definitely be repurchasing this lovely thing! Cue Exhibit D:

Finally got to the bottom of it all. Look at how battered the tube is now. Sorry for the fingerprint smudges!


  1. Miss Julls, you have so maaaaaaany beauty stuff. :)Revlon's lippy looks gorg on you. Miss you!!

    1. Hey girl! Thanks haha. Miss you too! :D

  2. What is this getting to the bottom thing? Lipsticks have bottoms? Haha I've never finished up a whole tube! Maybe I should make that my goal until the end of the year?

    Orange has really become your color. I see something orange and I think of you! haha

    1. LOL I think you have even surpassed my lipstick collection at this point! Implement a lipstick-buying ban and use it up, hehe. I agree, making it a goal should do it.

      LOVE orange. I should have gotten tired of it by now but I still love it.