Friday, August 23, 2013

Sounding Off: The That Happy Day Mixtape - Our Wedding Playlist

I haven't blogged about music here yet, and that's weird because it's a big part of my life. This is why, for my first Sounding Off post, I thought I'd do a cross-post of sorts from my wedding blog, That Happy Day.

This is a mixtape (more like several mixtapes), made via, of our official wedding soundtrack. My husband and I grew up in the 90s, met in the 90s, fell in love in the 90s. Our wedding was a tribute of sorts to our favorite era. These are the songs we played at our wedding -- from the march, church pictorials and receptions cocktails to the reception program songs, songs the band played, and the party songs. We're mainly alternative/rock people, but we tried to make a good mix of songs from different genres that would bring back memories of that magical time. Just click play for an instant 90s flashback! Enjoy.

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