Monday, August 12, 2013

Toy Nerdiness: My Weapons Arsenal

Hello! It's a stormy typhoon Monday here and I just crawled out from the rock I've been living in for the past week. Sorry about the lack of posts -- life happened, as usual. Anyway, I spent a couple of days the past week fixing up the apartment, and it reminded me of this special corner in our place.

From my Instagram post: "Bad guys, beware. Don't even try breaking into our place. We are armed and dangerous."
Don't be scared now. It's all just a part of my toy collection. Here's a brief rundown.

Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi Lightsaber - I got this a long time ago, during the time the prequels were showing in theaters. It's kind of similar to this basic one from the Star Wars shop but I'm sure mine isn't available anymore. It's even more basic since it doesn't light up or make a sound like the one my husband has, but I love it anyway.

Harry Potter Zonko's Joke Wand - Here in the Philippines, official merchandise is hard to come by. Ordering online is a hassle as well, because the packages have to go through our local customs, which means we get charged with ridiculous amounts. That's why when this came out, I had to get it. It was the only official Harry Potter wand available here at the time the books and movies were coming out, so it was a definite must-have. (It looks like it's still available over on Amazon.) It's fun. It makes a ton of random sounds when you press the button.

Sirius Black's Wand from Harry Potter - This looks a lot more authentic than my Zonko's joke wand even if it's not official merch. I found it at the Potter Heritage booth at the most recent Toy Con. It looks awesome, made of real wood, and Sirius Black is one of my favorite characters so I snatched it up immediately when I saw it.

Tenth Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver - This has been on my wishlist for a very long time, and I finally got it from Geekerie at the June 2013 Toy Con. It was the last one for Ten, my Doctor! It was such a lucky break -- people were ready to mug me for it at the booth! Now I just need a Tardis and I'm all set.

That's it. I'm waiting for the hubby to get his own collection from his childhood room to add to my collection. If he ever does that, I'll do an updated post. We also want a few more things, like GI Joe Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow ninja gear, a Kill Bill katana. We'll see if this collection grows in the near future. For now, bad guys, keep out!


  1. While I'm not a star-wars fan, I LOVE the fact that you're a nerd hidden inside a beautiful body. I'm a bit of a nerd myself -- though you out nerd me :P
    It's rare these days, but it reminds everyone that us beauty bloggers are real people. Love it!

    1. Haha thanks Meghan! Yeah I couldn't help but make this site a mix of girly and geeky, because hey, that's me. :)