Monday, September 9, 2013

Beauty Barrage: Manicure Monday - Deep Orange

I have a confession to make. I hate doing my own nails. I usually go to the salon to have them done. I suck at giving myself manicures, that's why. Each manicure takes ages for me, and I have to redo each nail a few times before I get it right. My hands aren't suited for applying nail polish. They slip and slide and get nail polish everywhere except on my nails. This is why I rarely ever make the effort to do my manicures and pedicures myself.

The thing is, I love nail polish. I have a large collection and I've been feeling bad that I haven't been using my nail lacquers. Plus, I rarely ever get myself to the salon nowadays, and I miss having color on my nails. This is why I'm starting Manicure Monday. It will make me try very hard to give myself manicures to use up my collection, give me the practice I need, and I can do nail polish reviews at the same time. Please don't expect my manicures to be perfect though. They'll most likely be messy, but who knows, maybe I'll get better at it someday. 

For this week, I went with a deep orange lacquer -- The Face Shop's OR202. The weather has been really gloomy, with rain pouring down in torrents in the afternoons, and I felt like wearing something bright.

This polish is really thin, like a gel. It didn't get completely opaque even if I got to two coats and it looked thick enough to be. I could still see my nail lines underneath. 

It applied really well in the beginning. It was smooth and thin, but after being exposed to the air it felt a bit thicker and a bit harder to manage. The brush was really easy to work with though, even if the formula turned streaky and bubbly at times.

It gets reddish when photographed with flash and when it's under flourescent lighting. I love the color though. In whatever light, it's a badass kind of orange -- a deep shade, but still looks very cheery. 

For its price (about a hundred pesos), The Face Shop's OR202 nail polish a lovely enough lacquer. It's not as smooth as more expensive polishes, but it gives great color.

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  1. Great color! I really like The Face Shop nail polishes. They have a great color range and for the price, it's a nice enough little product.

    1. I like that their lacquers have a long shelf life too. I have some bottles that have been with me for a year or so and they're still okay.