Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toy Nerdiness: Lego Lord of the Rings - Gandalf Arrives

I collect toys, but I don't collect Lego. The sets are way too expensive and I have way too many other obsessions. Once in a while though, something comes along that's too good to resist and that's when I give in. One of those sets is Gandalf Arrives from the Lego Lord of the Rings series.

I love the books and the movies, and I have the Lego LOTR DS game too, so this set was a definite must-have for me. The hubby and I picked it up last year as soon as the LOTR sets were released.  It shows Frodo meeting Gandalf at the Shire, during the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring. It contains two mini-figs - Frodo and Gandalf, plus the book Frodo was reading, and a horse with a cart filled with fireworks and veggies. Here go the pics!


  1. This set is sooo cute! I'm not a big fan of toys but I want to go to Legoland. Punta tayo!

    1. Yes! But it's not done yet daw, Sheila checked for me.