Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trippin': The Start of Travel Tuesdays

One of my many obsessions is travel. I didn't care much about it when I was younger, save for my yearly two-month vacations at my mother's ancestral home in Bicol and occasional trips to my father's hometown in Ilocos. I became a journalist in my twenties though, and I had no choice then but to travel a lot for work. It made me love travel in a way that I never thought I would. It opened me up to new cultures and experiences, and ever since my first ever out-of-the-country trip to Singapore, I've been bitten by the travel bug.

Now that I'm in my thirties though, I haven't been traveling much. My passport is still green -- I haven't renewed it since it expired. Save for some domestic trips, I haven't been out of the country. Life just happened. I found myself busy building an independent life and working on a new career. Then when things finally calmed down enough, I got engaged, spent a year doing wedding preps, and then got married.

Now, the husband and I can finally plan our honeymoon (yay travel), but it will come eventually. It's just not the right time for us to travel at the moment. We're still straightening out our life together, and after everything, we'll finally be ready.

For now though, I thought I'd start Travel Tuesdays. I will be posting recent domestic travel adventures, as I've been really bad at keeping up with documenting trips. I want to have a place for the photos and stories that's not Facebook, and since travel is an obsession, The Blue Purse is that place.

I will also be using this space to look back on my international trips. It will keep my travel withdrawal symptoms at bay, make me look forward to finally renewing my passport and traveling again, and keep me sane while waiting for that to happen, heh. 

So please join me on this trip. I'll be posting every Tuesday until I run out of trips to post! It's going to be fun. 

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