Thursday, October 10, 2013

Clothes Spin: Navy Zara Trousers Love! [Throwback Thursday]

If you know me you would know that I love my Zara trousers. They're completely versatile and can be worn a lot of ways. I have a semi-androgynous style as well, and these pants, which are a bit baggy on top and tapered at the bottom really work for me. I have three colors -- khaki, gray, and navy.

For this Throwback Thursday, I'm taking a stroll back in time and going through the various ways I wore my pair of navy Zara trousers. It's one of the easiest pieces in my closet because I can just throw it on like jeans and go.

Casual Edge
Edgy peep-toe booties made a big difference in this outfit.

Silver circle earrings from Boracay's D'Mall, periwinkle top from Human, Longchamp LM Metal bag in Steel, navy Zara trousers, gray Aldo watch, silver and black knuckle ring from Forever 21, black peep-toe booties from SM Dept. Store   

White and Khaki
It can be worn with just a white t-shirt and brogues.

White t-shirt and beige brogues from Forever 21, black quilted Mango bag, silver Giordano watch

Boyish Cool
Went dark for this one.

Gray shirt from Human, silver and black turtle necklace from Forever 21, silver Giordano watch

All Covered Up
Wore this on a chilly December night

Oversize gray Japanese Minnie Mouse cardigan from Forever 21, gray army shirt from Mango

Orange and Blue
Another tribute to my mom -- this is her top.

 My mom's orange top, "Bad" ring from the Tiendesitas tiangge

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