Monday, November 11, 2013

Out of Hiatus | Donate to the Red Cross #YolandaPH #Haiyan Relief Efforts

Hi everyone! This is just a quick update before I get back to business. The Blue Purse was on hiatus for a few days just because I had some personal stuff I needed to focus on. For site updates, please follow The Blue Purse @TheBluePurse on Twitter, and TheBluePurse on Facebook.

Then when I was ready to get back to blogging, a calamity happened, and it didn't feel right writing about my obsessions while the country is reeling from the wrath of the super typhoon Haiyan (local name: Yolanda). [Stories: CNN, Buzzfeed 1, Buzzfeed 2.] I had to take a few days off. It's a horrible, sad time for the Philippines.

The Philippines needs your help. The devastation is tremendous. Please donate to the Red Cross. For locals, the easiest way is to text. For international donations, please go to the Red Cross website.

Now it's time to get back into the swing of things. Life does go on and the world won't stop spinning. The Blue Purse will be back soon.

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