Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beauty Loot: Hair and Makeup Tool Haul 11.11.13

I haven't been paying much attention to makeup and beauty lately, but I have been randomly buying stuff that I know I need. I guess it's my subconscious self telling me not to let myself go, and to still pay attention to my daily upkeep!

Some of my recent purchases have actually been beauty tools. I picked up some hair stuff because it's that time of the year before my hair needs to get rebonded again. Since I don't have the time for it yet, I got some hair things to keep it as manageable as I possibly can (it's almost impossible to tame my natural hair). I also got more brushes. I figured I really need to stop using my mini brushes as well as the useless brushes I get in compacts, so I'm buying professional brushes now. I am not investing in expensive brushes yet though, because I want to practice with cheap ones first. Here's the haul. Details after the jump.

  • Nouveau Hair Clips - One of the things I hate about my hair is that I have a lot of baby hairs all the freakin time! I need this for when my baby hairs start sticking out and up. I think I'm mostly going to end up using these when I'm at the gym. 
  • Goody All Purpose Styling Brush - My hair gets tangled easily, and on top of that, it's also tough and thick. It's a monster basically, and combing/brushing my hair is always an ordeal. I break combs and brushes all the time, so I've been looking for a solid brush that will be able to handle my hair. This Goody brush seems to be a good one. I wanted a brush that wasn't too large so I can tote it around, and this one fits in most of my bags. I have also had brushes with bristles that bend on my hair and don't seem to be able to get through it. This one has nice, thick, solid bristles that actually reach my scalp and don't break off when I run the brush through my hair. I'm loving it so far. 
  • Nouveau Hair Ties - I always use hair ties to keep my hair off my face at the gym, but now I also need them to tie my hair up on bad hair days, which is often when I'm due for a rebond, heh. My telephone wire ones weren't cutting it, so I got some heftier and tighter ones. 
  • Elf Eyeshadow Brush - Full disclosure: Up until now, I have been using the tiny ones that come in compacts for eyeshadow! When they started to disintegrate (after only a very short time of using them, as expected) I started using my mini travel brushes from Forever 21. It was about time I started using a proper brush, in the right size!
  • Elf Blending Eye Brush - I'm planning on experimenting with my eyeshadow palettes more, so I got a blending brush to match the eyeshadow brush. I'm well on my way to having a proper brush set! 

Now that I have new and better tools, I should probably be doing more makeup and beauty stuff here on the blog. I need to catch up on my reviews from past hauls anyway, and I also have some new makeup that I'll write about soon. 

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  1. I really like the elf brushes that I got so far. They're not the softest but they get the job done! I got the eyeshadow brush to set my concealer but it doesn't work well for that so I went back to using it for applying eyeshadows.


    1. I really like the angled brush so I decided to start completing the set. :)