Monday, February 10, 2014

Beauty Barrage: Manicure Monday - Rosy Valentine Nails

It's just another Manic Monday, but I had to make this quick post during my lunch break because it's Manic-ure Monday. (Yes you saw what I did there, heh.) 

When I was deciding on a nail polish color yesterday, I remembered that Valentine's is coming up. Since I'm feeling cheesy and it's always fun to work with a theme, I chose a bright red color this week for Love's Day.   

I went with NYX Matte Nail Polish in Rose. I wanted a red shade, but not a shiny, vampy, sexy red. I was thinking of a sweet, cherry, understated red, and this lacquer fit the bill.

It's a red color that has a lot of pink in it. In fact, it looks pretty pink in the bottle but turns reddish when applied. It's matte too, so it appears pretty low-key, although it gets a bit shiny the longer it stays on my nails. I love that this polish looks really good with short nails because I write a lot for work these days and I can't type with long nails anymore. It only needs two coats as well, and is a very easy polish to apply.

It's a such a pretty red! I'm ready for Hearts Day even if my husband and I rarely ever celebrate it on the day itself.

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What kind of red nail polish do you like?  

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