Friday, February 7, 2014

Bookworming: My Favorite Fashion and Beauty Books

Hi peeps! TGIF!

I can tell this is going to be one of my favorite blog entries ever because it combines three of my obsessions -- books, fashion, and beauty -- in one post. I was taking a look at our bookshelf earlier looking for a book to re-read when I saw my fashion and beauty books and decided to share my collection on the blog. Note that I've had these for a long time and are by no means new. They just sort of accumulated over time.

I normally read sci-fi/chic-lit/young adult fiction and food-related non-fiction. I get my fashion and beauty fix from magazines, usually Vogue, Elle, and Teen Vogue. When I do stumble upon a fashion or beauty book that captures my interest though, I get it. I really like books that inspire me in these areas and have helpful tips and how-tos at the same time. These give me my girly fix and are terrific weekend reads! Here we go.

Who What Wear, Lauren Conrad Style, The Ellements of Personal Style, Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, Lauren Conrad Beauty

by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power

What It Is: A fashion and beauty guide from the creators of the website, The book translates celebrity and runway style into something accessible to the everyday girl.

What I Like About It: It helps readers understand things like trends and designer influences. If you want to know how the fashion industry works in relation to your style, this is the book for you. It also has a ton of "what to wear" pages for every occasion. If I had to pick favorites among my favorites though, this is my least favorite. It's just not as inspiring to me as the other books, maybe because it talks about celebrities too much.

By Lauren Conrad with Elise Loehnen

What It Is:  It's a style guide by reality show girl turned fashion designer and bestselling author, Lauren Conrad. In it she talks everything related to style from her point of view, from shopping strategies to editing your closet.

What I Like About It: Lauren Conrad is one of my style icons. I've loved her since her Laguna Beach and The Hills days. She just has this adorable, girl-next-door vibe to her. That makes her style really relatable to me. In this book, she tackles everything you can think of to ask about clothes and dressing up. There are pages on every closet item there is -- jeans, t-shirts, dresses, bags, shoes, jewelry, etc. There are "what to wear" pages for the regular girl, like what to wear on the commute to work and such. There are also a ton of tips and tricks in this book, like how to maximize suitcase space when you travel and even how to fold some pieces of clothing to make them last longer. It's great.

by Elle Editors Joe Zee and Maggie Bullock, with a foreword by Elle Editor-in-Chief Roberta Myers

What It is: Created by the editors of Elle magazine, this book compiles the style stories of 25 modern fashion icons. It gives a peek into how their personal style influences the way they dress and live, and what makes them click.

What I Like About It: This is my favorite fashion book so far. It features a myriad of stylish women from different industries and professions, which include pop star Fergie, actress Ashley Greene, designer Diane Von Furstenberg, fashion house heiress Margherita Missoni, actress Kate Mara, author Candace Bushnell, singer Alicia Keyes, model-actress Milla Jovovich, and more. Getting a peek into their personal styles makes me inspired to develop my own personal style more. I love that the book features mood-board pages for each woman, with their own handwriting. It's fab!

by Bobbi Brown with Debra Bergsma Otte and Sally Wadyka

What It Is: Like its title says, it's a makeup manual by one of the best makeup artists ever, Bobbi Brown. It's a full-color step-by-step guide to applying makeup and gives information on choosing and using every kind of beauty product there is. It tackles all things makeup, from skincare basics to brushes.

What I Like About It: This was my very first beauty book, and it taught me how to choose products and apply makeup. I liked that it is very specific about skin tones, and I learned a lot about what works with an Asian face. It's very specific about what types of products are available for each skin type, and provides information on everything. The makeup how-to guides are easy to follow, and there is even a specialty makeup section for adventurous times.

by Lauren Conrad with Elise Loehnen

What It Is: It's Lauren Conrad's beauty guide, with beauty tips and tricks from her point of view. It made sense that after releasing a style book, she released a beauty book, especially considering she also runs a beauty site called The Beauty Department. I'm looking forward to a lifestyle book from her next, because have you seen and her store, The Little Market? All her lifestyle websites are inspirational and fun.

What I Like About It: Like I said above, Lauren Conrad is totally relatable. Her makeup tips are practical, and this book has the most basic guides. If you are completely clueless about beauty (makeup, hair, etc.) this book is for you. Like her first book, this one has a ton of tricks for everything from daily haircare and skincare to beauty on the road. She also thoughtfully included chapters on fitness and food, which affect beauty, as well as dealing with stress, with features on getting a beauty rest and other things. This book also has several how-tos, with one showing how to do her trademark winged eyeliner! Did you know that she doesn't wear eyeshadow? Amazing.

Do you have a favorite fashion or beauty book? Any recommendations? Let's talk in the comments! 


  1. I bought the Lauren Conrad Beauty book na din and the Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes! You know I love my eye makeup. Hehe

    1. Everything Eyes is on my book list! I need to do more eye makeup. I'm usually too lazy to put anything on.

  2. OMG!! I already have the Lauren Conrad Style book. I still have to get the Lauren Conrad Beauty book. :)

    1. Get it! I love Lauren Conrad's books. :)

  3. There's one book I really want to buy, "Quick Looks" by Rae Morris.

    I'm finding it really difficult to incorporate makeup in my daily routine (not that it's needed), but I need to use up what I bought. I imagine myself opening the Rae Morris book and just copying whatever is there.

    I think I should find a fashion book guide too. That's an area I always ignore :P

    1. Ah kindred spirit when it comes to makeup as a daily routine! I simply just get too lazy for it, but I do like playing with makeup and I never leave home without lipstick.

      I just Googled Quick Looks and it seems interesting! I definitely don't like spending so much time just getting my face done. *makes mental note to check it out at the bookstore*.

      As for fashion books, Lauren Conrad's is great because it covers all the basics. If you need to get started on fashion, that's one way to go. :) Nina Garcia's style books are supposedly really informative too, but I have yet to really check them out. I kind of got the impression they don't have enough pictures, and I go for fashion books that have a lot of photos because fashion is all about the visual aids. ;)

    2. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother spending time reading about and buying makeup. Haha.

      But I am clothes as I am with makeup. Iniisip ko na lang gumawa ng 3-week uniform para wala nang isip isip. Hopefully Lauren Conrad's book will be helpful when I build my capsule wardrobe.

    3. Haha I can relate to the makeup thing. I feel really bad when I have to throw expired products away and I haven't even used have of them.

      I am the opposite with clothes though. I have more than enough, but I still can't find anything to wear all the freakin' time. I find myself needing something that I don't have in my closet every single day lol.