Friday, February 28, 2014

Clothes Spin: Tribute to the Doctor [Flashback Friday]

TGIF! It's Flashback Friday. This is a different kind of fashion post for a change, because it's a geeky one as well. It's a little obvious if you've been reading this blog for a while, but in case you haven't noticed, I'm a Whovian - a Doctor Who fan. Ten is my doctor, and I own a sonic screwdriver.

I've been organizing my files and I found this pic of my Eleventh Doctor outfit. It's such a fun one and brought a smile to my lips when I saw it this morning.

Blue Trust Your Doctor Tardis shirt from a limited run by Revolution 9, bow tie from the kid's section SM Department Store that I pinned to the shirt, gray skirt from Bayo, Giordano watch, Longchamp LM Metal bag in Steel, bow flats from Greenhills

It's definitely a girly ensemble, but with a geeky twist. I already posted about the shirt before, but that time I paired it with jeans and wedge sneakers, and it was a lot more rugged than this. This shirt is one of my favorite shirts of all time. The design, with white words forming the shape of the Tardis (the Doctor's spaceship of sorts) against the exact shade of Tardis blue, is just too clever. 

I also have another Doctor Who shirt that I wore on the Day of the Doctor. One can never have too many Whovian shirts!

Are you a Whovian too? Who is your Doctor? Let's talk!  

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