Friday, February 28, 2014

Makeup Madness: Up Close - NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige

I've had the NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige for a while now, but I just found these pics in my computer and realized I totally neglected to do the review on it! My bad. I should be more organized!

Anyway, this gloss was part of my Mini Lippie Haul some time ago. I'm actually not into lip gloss that much because it's sticky, it gets in my hair, it vanishes quickly, it feels thick on the lips, and it's simply just too high maintenance compared to lipstick. Once in a while though, I find a gloss with a color that I absolutely cannot resist, and the NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige is one such gloss.

The Product

It's everything a straight-up lip gloss is. It's sticky, it gets in my hair, it vanishes quickly, and it feels thick on the lips. It's supposed to give your lips some shine and also moisturize and soften them at the same time.

This gloss delivers in all of those aspects. It's very creamy and really moisturizing. It doesn't make the crevices on my lips disappear completely, but it does a good job making my pucker a lot smoother. It also gives my lips a really pretty shine.

The tube is really cute! I love that you can see the exact color clearly without opening it, and there's an adorable bow on top of the cap.

The doe-foot applicator deposits just the right amount of product on the lips. It's soft as well, making the gloss a cinch to apply. 

The Swatch

The shade Beige is very popular among YouTubers (Missglamorazzi, Pixi2woo, and FleurdeForce in particular) for a reason. It's such a pretty, feminine pink! The name is misleading because as the NYX website says, it's a mid-tone pink. That's perfectly okay though because the color makes up for everything.

The Mugshot

I wear this gloss when I want a soft look, when I need to add a feminine slant to my outfit, or when I'm just feeling girly. It's flirty and fun! In my mugshot, I was having a laidback day at my childhood home and I had natural makeup on. It gave me the pop of color I needed for my neutral look that day.

My Thoughts

I really like this gloss. It's a bit sticky, it fades fast especially when I eat and wipe my mouth off with a table napkin, and it has a tendency to smudge. However, it also makes my lips soft and gives them a shot of moisture. Plus, the color simply looks pretty. I still may not be a big gloss fan, but Beige gives great color payoff for a good drugstore price.

Do you like lip gloss? What's your go-to one?   


  1. You know, I've never tried a NYX lip gloss but I do like their lip butter things. I've learned to love lip glosses lately but you're right, they're very high maintenance. I don't wear them while commuting though because gloss and tricycle rides spell disaster. Haha

    1. I like makeup that I don't have to think about, which is why I hate mascara and don't like lip gloss all that much haha. I'm willing to ignore the hassle for this gloss though. It's pretty!