Thursday, February 6, 2014

Purse Peek 011511 [Throwback Thursday]

Now here's something different for Throwback Thursday. This is a peek into what was in my bag back in January 2011! The photo was taken during one of my weekend visits to my parents' house with my then-boyfriend-now-husband. I just found it in my computer and I don't think I ever posted this anywhere. It's fun seeing how different my bag is now compared to three years ago. Some things are the same, but a lot of things have changed too.

 What was in my oversize Mango tote?

Black dotted wallet from Mango (I've stopped using big wallets because they don't fit into smaller bags), 2011 Belle de Jour planner (now only using the Starbucks planner), elephant coin purse from Thailand given by my friend Hilda (stopped using a coin purse also because my current small wallet has a coin pocket in it), Chupa Chups lollipops, Starbucks mints, Altoids mints (no idea why I had to much candy in my bag then), my Sony TX-5 in its Case Logic pouch, Pilot gel pen, white earbuds wrapped in an angel cord organizer, iPod Touch with an angel charm (the charm broke on me last year I think), Sony Ericsson blue clamshell phone in a blue sock (I forgot what the model name was, but I loved that phone to pieces), Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Nearly Nude (this is in my makeup toss-out bin), H&M Hello Kitty lip balm from my friend Sheva (I kept the tin because it's adorable), Sally Hansen nail polish in Gunmetal (still have this, still good), MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC35 (I will always have this in my bag), clear light blue Untangler (I now use a solid dark blue Untangler), Domokun pouch (used to keep my iPod Touch in it), Magic: The Gathering deck boxes plus a Jelly Belly tin filled with dice (20-sided, 9-sided, etc) and counters, Lush Ultrabalm (love it and need a new tin of it stat), CK One perfume (will never get tired of it but I don't have a bottle at the moment), a tube of Berocca and a pouch filled with medicine (I was probably feeling under the weather at the time), and a hanky (of course).

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What's in your bag? 

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