Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trippin': Back to Binondo [The Cityscapes Series]

My friends and I loved Binondo so much that on May 1, Labor Day, we went back there again. [See Part 1 here: Exploring Binondo - Manila's Chinatown.] We had to go back for more dimsum, more treats, and more crystals! One visit isn't really enough to explore the place properly. Neither is two actually, so we're planning on making a third visit there again sometime in the near future. Here's the story of our second visit. 

Binondo Church

The day started with a quick peep inside Binondo Church again. Aleq, Cielo, JM, and I were supposed to meet up with Verns there but she was late so we went on to what has become our customary early brunch. 

We chose Wai Ying again at Benavidez St. because we were with JM, who wasn't with us the first time we went. It's his first visit to Binondo so we had to make him try the dimsum!

Wai Ying

Took a picture of the Wai Ying menu this time. It's pretty comprehensive, with oodles of strange-sounding things to try.

Check out the prices! Good stuff.

We basically stuck to what we ate the last time because we just had to taste them again. We did add a couple of new things though. 

My Instagram pic from that day

Pork Spareribs

Pork Siomai


Wai Ying's complimentary Hot Tea

More Pork Siomai

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Shrimp Chong Fan

Radish Cakes


I forgot what this was lol.

I had to order cold black gulaman because it was so hot that day.


It was such a good meal! We went through the food so fast. We've been to Wai Ying twice and so far it hasn't failed us. 

Stuffed smiles

Next stop was Diao Eng Chay, a Chinese grocery just off of Wai Ying in Salazar St. There were these instant dimsum and jelly fishes that I wanted to get but I was concerned that they would spoil because we were going to walk around in the heat. I got a tube of Jumbo Hawflakes instead! 

If you like fresh fruit, there are tons in Binondo as well, sold in carts just outside the establishments. 

The arc and bridge

Then it was crystal-shopping time! We went back to the store we went to last time -- Dragon Phoenix in Ongpin St. They had the most crystal varieties and the best prices so it has become our go-to crystal shop. A and I got some crystals and stones that we've been wanting plus a stone for his mom for Mother's Day. Verns went back for her rose quartz and she also got a tumbled amethyst for a friend.

 Pretty things

Cleansing with a singing bowl

Verns' rose quartz

Next on the agenda was the bakery-hop. We stopped by Bakers' Fair and Eng Bee Tin in Ongpin St. and got a few new things to try again. We also made a quick stop at the fried siopao kiosk. I'll be doing a post on the treats we got in another post.

   Baker's Fair

Eng Bee Tin

Mirror shot inside Eng Bee Tin

The arc

Our last stop was Mr. Ube, also in Ongpin St. We had to cool down while waiting for our ride. They have awesome, fresh shakes. 

Avocado and lychee shakes

 Mr. Ube

Binondo is rough and grimy and all that, but it's also full of culture, good buys, and yummy treats. It's such a cool place that a third visit is in the works for our group. It's definitely one of Manila's most interesting spots.

Hopia, hopia, and more hopia! These are our favorites from Eng Bee Tin - Classic Custard, Ube Custard, and Red Mongo. 

Fried siopao from a random store

Jumbo Hawflakes from Diao Eng Chay

Mamon Roll and Pianono Roll

 A got this "Marael" Spiderman "Lele" mini-fig at one of the supermarkets we passed on the way to Mr. Ube, just for kicks. 

In this knock-off, Spidey has guns and weird tentacle-like things! Too funny!

p.s. JM documented our entire trip with a GoPro! Check out the awesome mini-movie he made. 


  1. Wow, you took nicer pics na! :) The dish you forgot the name of is wanton mami. It was also my first time at Mr. Ube, sulit ang avocado shake. <3 Let's schedule the third trip soon! Sana may holiday uli.

    1. Yuh I made sure I had my digicam this time around! The iPhone cam is pretty nice, but the Sony TX-5 is nicer though less handier haha. Yes we need a third trip! After that we won't have to go back for a long while.

  2. Dimsuuuuuum! Sama na ko sa third trip!