Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beauty Barrage: Getting to the Bottom of Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton Products

Hello! Let's get to the bottom of this post, shall we? By "getting to the bottom" I meant literally getting to the bottom of a product! In makeup circles it's known as "hitting the pan", but the phrase doesn't really work for all products, so "getting to the bottom" it is.

I just got to the bottom of my Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton products so it's time to finally do a post on them. I actually started using this trio way before Bath and Body Works showed up in the country. A friend ordered Bath and Body Works stuff from the US and I asked her to order for me. Luckily, Landmark started stocking Bath and Body Works soon after, and that's where I get my Bath and Body Works fix these days. 

  Sea Island Cotton Pocket Bac Hand Sanitizer, Body Lotion, Fragrance Mist

I like clean scents and I normally gravitate towards citrusy or musky fragrances. I was drawn to Sea Island Cotton because it smells like fresh laundry and reminds me of the sea at the same time. I buy the travel-sized ones because I usually tote this set around with me. I always have the fragrance mist and hand sanitizer in my bag, and I bring the lotion out on days when my skin is feeling dry and whenever I travel. 

I've been using the fragrance mist all summer because it makes me feel like I just had a shower. The scent doesn't last all day, but since it comes in a handy bottle, I just touch up throughout the day. 

I rotate the hand sanitizer with other Pocket Bacs and hand gels. I have a ton and I kind of choose one according to the color of my bag, heh. This hand sanitizer doesn't make my skin dry and the scent stays on my hands for a while.

The lotion is great. I rarely use lotion even if I have dry skin because I usually hate how it feels. This is one of the few lotions I've found that gets absorbed into my skin quickly and doesn't feel sticky or thick. 

The hand sanitizer is all gone, and I'm down to a couple of spritzes of the fragrance mist and a few squeezes of the lotion. This means I have to restock again soon. Sea Island Cotton is my favorite Bath and Body Works scent. If you like clean, fresh fragrances, you might like it too. 

What kind of scents do you like? Hit me up in the comments!   


  1. I didn't know we have Bath and Body Works in Landmark! I should visit it more often.

    This looks like a good set!

    1. Really? Bath and Body Works has a display thing alongside Victoria's Secret. :)

      Sea Island Cotton is awesome. I'm also using the shower gel and the hand wash but I haven't gotten to the bottom of them yet.