Friday, June 27, 2014

Beauty Fun: Mosquitoes Away with Aromaflage

My blood is sweet. Yep, you read that right. That's what people tell me whenever I'm being devoured by mosquitoes, which are the insects that I hate the most in the entire world. Everywhere I go I'm usually the first one or the only one to get bitten. Whenever a mosquito's around it will come and find me for sure. I even got dengue fever in high school when it was still a virus that nobody knew anything about and H-fever was the only known mosquito-related disease. People laugh it off and tell me my blood is sweet, but it's not funny when I'm always wishing I could fumigate everything -- or myself, for that matter.

This is why when an email from Aromaflage landed in my inbox, my interest was piqued immediately. I've tried a lot of anti-mosquito sprays and lotions but I've never found one that I was fully satisfied with. The ones I tried in the past either felt weird (my skin felt sticky, thick, and the like), or smelled weird (the repellent component was obvious). Of course I have an arsenal of anti-dengue sprays and even the good old katol (mosquito coils) in my house as well, but I am still bothered by random mosquitoes who have escaped the fumes, and the ones outdoors when I step out of the house.

Aromaflage is pretty much the answer to my wishes. It's not a spray or a lotion -- it's a botanical fragrance and insect repellent in one. It has the light feel of perfume so it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the skin, and it also has the scent of a perfume so it doesn't have the chemical smell that insect repellent gives off.

The creators -- Michael and Melissa Fensterstock -- were traveling in Southeast Asia and found a bug spray that the locals were using. It smelled awesome and worked well, so they decided to replicate it when they got back to their home base, New York City.

Aromaflage is the result of their efforts. Inspired by the Southeast Asian tradition of using botanical extracts to repel insects, the fragrance has notes of citrus fruit, warm cedarwood, and silken vanilla. It also has Vitamin E, which gives the skin a dose of nourishment and protective antioxidants.

The perfume comes in two sizes -- a handy little 8ml purser ($30) that's perfect for travel or an everyday bag, and a lovely 50ml bottle ($65) that wouldn't look out of place on a dresser with other fragrances. Also, here's a heads up: Aromaflage is coming out with an outdoor candle soon that will repel insects and smell just as good as the perfume.

Aromaflage also helps the young Shan refugees in the Burmese jungle who hand-craft the fragrance. The company's partner in Southeast Asia is working to provide these women, who have sought refuge from harsh living conditions, with artisan skills, housing, education, and healthcare. Cool, huh?  

Now that the rainy season has started here in the Philippines and the mosquitoes are having a field day, this perfume just went into my "Want" list. It's a chic but also practical beauty product! What's not to like? It's definitely a must-try for sweet-blooded me. 

Do you ever have a problem with mosquito bites? What kind of bug sprays/insect repellents do you use? Let's talk in the comments! 


  1. Ms. Julls, I want one! I'm also sweet-blooded like you! Hahaha! Where is it sold? :)

    1. Hi Mika! Yay I'm not the only one! Lol. It's only available online through the website at the moment. They do international shipping though. :)