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Home Base: Discovering Crystals

Pretty crystals all in a row

Recently I've developed a fascination for crystals. The hubby and I were having a spate of bad luck, so Cielo, a Chinese friend of ours, suggested that we get a few crystals for our home and for our personal use.

Crystals are nothing new to us. We know a lot of people who use them or have them in their homes, because though we live in a very religious country, we also live in a very superstitious one. Crystals are believed to have an energy that helps us connect to our own energy. They are said to help in healing the mind, body, and spirit, and that's not a bad thing.

A then remembered that he actually used a citrine crystal a few years back just to help manifest things. The crystal has since disappeared (people say crystals may either crack or disappear when they're done doing their job). On my end, I do yoga when I can and I've been meditating since I was in college, so working with crystals feels like a natural progression from what I've already been doing. We figured it wouldn't hurt to try.

Finding Crystals

We started building our crystal collection when we went on trips to Binondo. [See Exploring Binondo, Manila's Chinatown and Back to Binondo.] It's the best place to look for crystals because there are a bunch of crystal shops scattered all over the place and they have better prices compared to mall shops. Cielo already has a house full of crystals, so she served as our guide. Our friend Verns also tagged along and was able to find a crystal for herself and one for a friend. A and I were able to find almost everything we wanted there, and now we have our own crystal sets.

Looking for crystals

The stores use a Tibetan singing bowl to cleanse the crystals when they sell them to you

 We love this store - Dragon Phoenix

 Tumbled stones

 Verns' rose quartz

 Cleansing my crystals

Cleansing A's crystals

The Crystal Effect

Since then, we've been working with the crystals and so far we've found them to be great meditating tools. Our outlook has become much more positive, some of the things that we envisioned have materialized, and, like Verns put it, we just feel lighter inside for some reason. Crystal healing may be a pseudoscience and we could be simply experiencing a placebo effect, but hey -- it works. Here is our collection so far. 

 My crystals

  • Rose Quartz - I like having this stone because its energy brings love. It attracts love into your life and brings harmony to your relationships, and it also helps with forgiveness, peace, compassion, inner healing, and self worth/confidence. It assists in healing chest and respiratory problems too, which I am often afflicted by, as well as heart and circulatory problems. 

  • Amethyst - I was drawn to this stone for some reason. They say a crystal chooses you and you should go with your gut feel when it comes to acquiring a crystal, so I got it. I realized that it was perfect for me after all because it helps calm the mind, eases insomnia, and allows restful sleep. I've had trouble falling asleep for a long time now, and I haven't had any sleepless nights since I got it, so it must be of some help. It is also a wonderful stone for meditation, giving understanding, clarity, strength, and inner peace. As for healing, it reduces stress and strengthens the immune system, among others. It's a great crystal to have around.

  • Clear Quartz - I got this because it amplifies and transmits energy, so it works great with other crystals since it intensifies all your intentions. It removes negativity and energizes too, which are both good things. Plus, it works on everything in the mind and body, and helps in healing all conditions. 

  • Citrine - This is mine and A's favorite stone and it is what started us on our crystal exploration. It's a happy crystal that brings warmth and hope. It revitalizes and cleanses the mind, body, and soul. Most of all it attracts abundance and prosperity into your life.


A's stones

  • Tiger's Eye - This is a protection stone. A didn't have it on his list, but he was drawn to it so he got it. It helps you be grounded, centered, and make good decisions. It also gives clarity and good judgement, plus it helps revive and maintain wealth. Its healing properties are perfect for him, because it reduces headaches, balances emotions, and helps the digestive organs, among others. It's also a great one to keep in your car for safe travel.

  • Lapis Lazuli - A always wanted this stone. It's the stone for writers (like us), and it's an ancient stone believed to have powerful properties. It stimulates wisdom, good judgement, truth, and honesty of the spirit. It enhances memory and intellectual ability, and attracts promotion and success in the workplace. 

Crystal Extras

A and I got some little citrine stones as well, which we keep in the wealth corner of our home. In feng shui, that's the leftmost spot that's farthest from the front door.  

Cielo also gifted me with a beautiful crystal bracelet from Soulfree_Custohm. It's made of lapis lazuli, the stone for journalists, and howlite, which relieves anxiety, tension, calms the mind, and eases insomnia. I love it!

Crystal Information

We researched quite a bit before we got our crystals and we found some good resources on the Internet. Here's our list of sources and references:

Crystals and stones

There you go. That's the beginning of our crystal journey in a nutshell. We need a few more stones in our collection though, and I'm sure my friends will be wanting to go back to Binondo for more crystal-shopping (and dimsum) soon. When that happens, expect a new post from me!

Do you like crystals? Have you ever tried crystal healing? Hit me up in the comments! 

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