Monday, July 7, 2014

Food Trip: Cookie Bar Manila [Food Tales of a Kapitolyo Resident]

Hello! It is a busy time for me friends (I know, what's new right?) but I just have to squeeze in this story about Cookie Bar Manila -- a new cookie shop here in my lovely neighborhood of Kapitolyo.

Last week, my cousin Lek and friend Clang came over to my place to hang out because it was Pasig Day and there was no work. We had pizza and pasta delivered for lunch and stuffed ourselves silly, but when the afternoon came, we felt the need for merienda (afternoon snack). We thought it would be the best time to pay Cookie Bar a visit since we've been checking out the shop's Instagram account for a while and the cookies look beyond tempting. 

Cookie Bar is located at East Capitol Drive and is only a very short drive from my place. In fact, it's walking distance, but we've been having unpredictable weather so we opted to drive there instead. It's easy to find because it's right in between Poco Deli and Thai Dara. Just look for the black gate with the pink and brown striped Cookie Bar sign and press the doorbell beside it. 


Cookie Bar is a tiny bakery. The shop is also the kitchen where the actual cookies are made. They have a couple of small tables out front, but it's really not a cafe or restaurant. Most people go there for cookies to-go. You can call and order cookies by the box beforehand, but you can also buy per piece at the store.

Freshly-baked cookies still on the tray was the sight that greeted us when we first came in. They have quite a variety of yummy cookie treats. There are Cookie Cups, which look like little cupcakes with a whole range of different toppings. Stuffies are cookies stuffed with Oreo, marshmallow, Nutella, or Reese's peanut butter cups. Jumbo Cookies are double the size of your average cookie. Vegan Cookies are made without dairy and egg. Nutella Bites are cookies topped with Nutella. Then there are the novel Cookie Shot Glasses, inspired by the creations of Dominique Ansel (the creator of the Cronut). 

The shop has one tiny display case, but it was filled with the mouthwatering treats. We sure took our time choosing what to get -- everything looked wonderful. 

I got a couple of Cookie Shot Glasses (P45) -- one for me and one for the hubby. I also chose the Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie with Fleur de Sel too (P80; it means "flower of salt" in French, and is a type of sea salt). Lek and Clang got the same. 

The store also sells cute mugs, cups, and tea and coffee sets. Tablea chocolate and coffee are for sale too. It's a charming little neighborhood shop. 

We had to take pictures in front of the shop sign, of course. Girls just want to have fun, heh. 


We took our cookies home and devoured them there. We absolutely loved the Jumbo Cookies with Fleur de Sel. They were so chewy and moist and sweet and salty and gooey and huge -- truly perfect cookies.  

The Cookie Shot Glasses were fun. Instead of dunking the cookie in milk, putting the milk in the cookie was a truly inspired idea. They were really rich and dense though, because the cookie part and the chocolate layer inside were made thick to be able to hold the milk. We ended up drinking the milk but we had to save half of the Cookie Shots for later.


I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a regular Cookie Bar customer! The cookies have a lovely homemade quality to them, and they're crisp on the outside but soft on the inside. They're also really unique, since they're cookies that you can't find in a package at the supermarket. 

I am obsessed with the Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie with Fleur de Sel. I'm already planning a second visit there to hoard it and try their other offerings too. I love that we have a cookie bakery in the neighborhood now. It's a new thing for our busy food streets. My inner Cookie Monster thinks it's pretty darn awesome.

Cookie Bar Manila is located at 23 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig.

p.s. Thank you for some of the pics, Clang!

Do you like cookies? Have you tried Cookie Bar Manila? What's your favorite cookie treat?

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