Monday, January 19, 2015

Beauty Loot: Lush Favorites + Holiday Releases

I said in my Stuff I've Been Using post that I was saving my recent Lush loot for another day. Well today is that day!

My love for Lush goes back to the early 2000s, which is a long time to like something. However, I never found out about Lush sales until Nikki of Forgivain told me about them. It seems that they almost always have something at 50% off. Now I'm on the lookout when I go to a Lush store. Here's my recent loot:

 Sorry I took this pic with my phone. I was too lazy to pull out my camera.

We're big shower gel people in our house, so last December I chose two Lush shower gels -- one was Happy Hippy, an old favorite, while the other one was Dirty, which is something we've been wanting to try for a while. They came with the Lush book, which turned out to be a pretty cool read.

Happy Hippy is one of my Lush favorites because it's a shower gel for the hair and body. [Check out my review of it.] It's so convenient that I only have to take one bottle with me for everything, and I bring it with me when I go to the gym/yoga studio, or when I travel or go on overnight trips (like when hubby and I visit my Dad in Cavite). I also love its citrus scent -- zingy and zesty, perfect for morning showers.

Dirty is part of Lush's androgynous line. It has a minty, super clean scent that's really addictive, we couldn't resist using it before I could even take a proper pic of it. The hubby has been using the Dirty shaving cream and he loves it, so he was absolutely delighted when I brought the shower gel home. I'll review it soon.

 I totally forgot to take a pic of Dirty before using it. The bottle's already halfway done when I remembered.

After the holidays, I found myself killing time in Glorietta and couldn't resist checking out Lush. I was so glad I did, because I got a holiday set for 50% off! I've been wanting to try the Hot Toddy limited edition shower gel, but Lush Shang only had the big bottle, and I didn't want it because I wasn't sure I would like it. The Glorietta branch only had the big bottle too, but they said they had the small bottle in a holiday box, partnered up with the Yog Nog soap, another limited edition holiday product. I only wanted Hot Toddy, but the sales assistant told me the box was half off since the holidays were over, so of course I got it with a quickness, heh. 

How cute is the box? It's like a little gift for myself.

Lush makes the best product descriptions.

Inside the box!

Hot Toddy looks and smells like spiced wine, which was what attracted me to it. It also has glitter in it, so it looks very festive, and I don't mind feeling festive after the holidays. January just might be the most stressful time of the year since everyone's making up for lost holiday time and making new year resolutions to get things done. Having a little bit of the holiday cheer through this shower gel helps a lot.

Yog Nog is really interesting. It has a very sweet fragrance, kind of like tiramisu or something. (I know it's supposed to smell like egg nog, but I don't know that that smells like.) It also looks like it's a yummy piece of cake, with a cute Christmas tree embossed on top. I normally don't like very sweet scents since I like citrus-y ones for my shower gels, so I'll see how this goes.

Instant holiday cheer!

That's it. Our bathroom smells so lovely these days with all the Lush stuff in it! I'll be back with reviews soon.

I <3 Lush!

What's your favorite Lush product? Do you have any holiday favorites? I'd love to hear about it!

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