Friday, January 16, 2015

Home Base: Creative Pursuits - My Doughnut-themed Office Desk

The creative bug bit me pretty hard lately, and I've just been tinkering with a lot of things around me. A few months ago, I saw that my officemate's desk (I don't know her name) had a silver and white theme, and felt inspired to decorate my own desk. These are pics of my first cube at my fairly new workplace. I've since moved, but the decor is still the same. 


For some reason, I ended up with a doughnut theme. I stumbled upon this doughnut magnet set at Quirks in Shang and I just kept finding stuff after that. 

I got a white magnetic whiteboard, an orange Pentel whiteboard pen, and a white pen holder at National Bookstore. Then I wrapped the pen holder with doughnut tape I found at Landmark. I stuck the doughnut magnets on the whiteboard, and hung a Yummy Breakfast doughnut keychain by Heidi Kenney for Kidrobot on it. I also brought over my old blue doughnut 3M Scotch tape holder, and found a doughnut cord winder for my ear buds at Powerbooks

The rest of my desk is mostly food-themed as well. I have Leche, a milk carton member of the Tokidoki Moofia; an orange To-Fu Oyako from Devilrobot, and a custard Jam Factory Droplet by Gavin Strange.

Okay this post made me hungry. Until next time, peeps!

What's on your work desk?

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