Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My 2015 Journal and Work Planner

In my post introducing my love of planners, I promised to post about the planners I'm using this year, so here it is. Last December, I somehow ended up getting enough stickers for both the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal and the Starbucks Planner. I resolved to make good use of them both, and so far, I've been able to do that.

It's my first time using a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal. I was really attracted to this year's design, with its cool embossed cover. They had it in several colors and when I saw the orange one I knew I had to get it. I go to CBTL a lot anyway since there's a branch that's really close to my office. 

As I explained in detail over at my Planner Love post, I'm using it as a hobonichi-style journal. I've kept a journal (on and off) since I was in 4th grade if I remember correctly, and I've been turning planners into journals since high school, when I had a Filofax. Here's a look at it, empty. 


The Starbucks Planner is one that I've been collecting ever since it first came out. It has become sort of tradition for me, and since I'm there all the time, some years I even ended up giving away some to friends because I would get around 4 of them. 

This year's edition became my work planner. I chose the black one. It looks pretty serious, and the pages are lined, so I thought it would be perfect for the office. I don't decorate it or use it as a creative outlet because when I'm at work, I really don't have the time to make anything pretty. The planner gets filled to the brim with notes and I even end up writing in the Saturday and Sunday boxes because I always run out of space. Before this though, I was using a very thin, office-issued, Steno pad, so this planner looks and works way better as an office notebook. My handwriting pretty much comes out like chicken scratches because I'm usually rushing so much, either trying to get things down at meetings or trying to get stuff done at my desk, as you will see below. [Note: I blurred some notes out, for obvious reasons.]

That's it! I'll be back soon with a post on my life planner. 

Do you use a planner? Tell me all about it in the comments! I'd love to know what people use. 

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