Sunday, June 7, 2015

Home Base: Creative Pursuits - What's In My Kipling 100 Pens Case

My pen collection has grown considerably lately, what with all the scrapbooking and planner stuff I've been doing. I heard about the Kipling 100 Pens Case, which is well-loved by the creative community and immediately thought -- that is so perfect! As it turned out, I know someone who works at Kipling, and she was a huge help in helping me get it. [Thanks Ate Millet!] It's not available locally, so it had to be sourced from Hong Kong. I got it a few weeks ago, and I'm so happy with it.

The Kipling 100 Pens Case is, as its name says, a case that can fit 100 pens. I love that it's so roomy, and not only do I store my pens in it, but it also holds the tools that I use most often. Here's a peek into what's inside.