Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Life Update and First Home Project

Hi! I'm Jullienne and I used to blog around here. I know my last post was back when summer just ended, and now it's December and the year has flown by. I kept meaning to make a hiatus post or something, but I somehow just didn't end up doing it. It is what it is -- but like always, I have a good excuse!

The reason why I've been missing in action is because we moved! Life has been a whirlwind of boxes and to-do lists -- among other things -- since we left our rickety old apartment back in July, and between that and work stress, I didn't have the energy to blog. I haven't been reading other blogs either (sorry about that). I wanted to wait until we were settled, and to be honest, we're not even 100% there yet. We're most probably at the 75% point currently.

The Sugar Cube

Moving made mine and my husband's entire year. We've been married for almost three years, but we were stuck at the Yellow Pad -- the apartment I had when I was single. I lived there for six years, and it was where I hid when life was dark, where I had my single adventures, where I finally grew up, and where I found myself. Plus it was falling apart on us and it had become stressful living there. We never planned on starting our married life there, but finding a nice place in this city is just. so. hard.

It took a while because we were looking to buy a place. We weren't ready to move to the suburbs and buy a house, because there's simply a lot to consider. Where exactly do we want to put down roots? Will we love that neighborhood for years and years? Are we willing to uproot our entire lives and change jobs? Actually, even until now, we haven't decided on that given how traffic has become so horrendous and travel time would be hell. We've come to love the city we live in too, so it's hard.

We then started looking at condos we could buy in the city. The problem was, we only liked one, and it was already ready for occupancy and sold out. We're not sure if we want to get on the wait list for it eventually, or to keep looking, or to just bite the bullet and move out of the city to a house in the suburbs. It's tough!

So that's how we ended up finding the Sugar Cube. We started looking at places we could rent while we made up our minds because the only thing we were sure about was that we had to move. We didn't think we would end up in a studio coming from a two-story, two-bedroom apartment, but when we saw this place, we knew it was where we needed to be.

Our everyday view

Though it is one of those old skool condos with larger cuts, we still needed to pare down and shift to a minimalist lifestyle. We've had to send a lot of our stuff back to our parents' houses -- our childhood homes -- and we've also been going through our things, figuring out what we really need in our lives. At the moment, we're still trying to find a place for everything. Over the past few months, we've been furniture shopping, and rearranging our stuff to make them all fit together. We're still learning how to maximize the space we have, but it's been quite a fun challenge so far, and we're enjoying it immensely.

Lately, I've had conflicting views on how I want to blog, and I'm not sure about how much I want to share about life just yet, so we'll see how that progresses. For now, I thought it would be fun to write about my first home project. It's no big thing by any means, but it was surprising how happy it made me! Are you ready for this jelly?

  It's a cleaning basket!

If you know me, you would know that I'm the worst at cleaning. To be honest, my family and friends would be so shocked when they see this post! It's because I'm probably borderline obsessive compulsive; I always have to do things thoroughly. I need to fix the entire house in one go. I can't do a bit here, and do a bit there. That's not my jam. The thing is, I get overwhelmed by how much I have to do and I usually end up just not doing it altogether.

However, we moved to a studio, which makes things a lot easier. And it's all white, hence the name Sugar Cube, so cleaning has to happen regularly -- everyday even. When we first moved I found myself hating having to rummage for my cleaning supplies all the time, so I thought I'd put together a cleaning kit of sorts to make it easy for my husband and me. This way, we don't have to run back to the cabinet under the sink whenever we clean. We just pull this basket out and it comes all over the studio with us. 

Everything in one place

What's inside? Rubber gloves, microfiber cloths, a couple of brushes, and a variety of cleaning solutions (Lysol for general purposes, Mr. Muscle for the bathroom and counters, and Clorox for all the sticky things). A sponge with a rough bottom should be in there too, but we just used it when I took these pics, plus Zim powder for the bathroom floors, but we just ran out. 


That's it for my comeback post and first home project. I'm excited to get back in the swing of things. I really missed this place. I have a ton more posts to catch up on, so I'll be back soon. Thanks for sticking around!

What supplies do you use for cleaning? How do you organize them? Let's talk in the comments!


  1. Aaaah the joys of being a homemaker! Lol Bin and I are quite addicted to buying cleaning stuff. We can spend hours inside the cleaning aisle of True Value.

    My cleaning stuff are in a basket under my dirty kitchen sink and then they're separated in which part of the house I use them for. I use Lysol and Zonrox for the CR plus this glass cleaner with a spray. I also have a separate kitchen cleaner, stainless steel cleaner (for stove and sink) granite polish, floor shine and wood polish.

    1. Haha luckily our condo only has wood and marble so I don't need stuff for glass and steel. My basket has been updated since then though - we added Wipe Out because our place is all white, and sponges.