Friday, July 22, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks

Hi! Here's my weekly pregnancy update. I would like to remember this special time, so I'm documenting it! I turn a new week every Friday, so I'm trying to do these posts during the middle of the week. Here's the first ever pregnancy update, and you can find all the pregnancy updates in this tag.

24 weeks!

Current Facts

Baby Size
Large zucchini, ear of corn, cantaloupe (11.8 inches, 1.30 pounds)

 From the Glow Nurture, What to Expect, and The Bump apps

How I'm Feeling
This week's update is late because I've been feeling tired from this current cycle I'm on of meal planning, buying food, preparing food, pricking my fingers, so on and so forth. I also found that I mistakenly put in the wrong due date in my pregnancy apps so I actually turn over a new week on Wednesdays not Fridays so this is really late, hah! Anyway, this week's update is a short one because there's not much to report and it seemed like a short week despite me feeling tired. 

Physically, still the same. Not much round ligament pain pokes anymore, just the fatigue, and the endurance is really getting better since I was able to go grocery shopping with the hubby again last night. Also, I feel like my belly grew so much this week! The past weeks I would always ask the hubby about how I looked and he would say "You don't look that big yet" but this week, he was like, "Oh yeah you ARE pregnant!" It's so funny. 

I've been wanting chocolate, ribs, and a ton of other things I can't eat because of my GDM diet! Gah. I was able to have my cheat day last Saturday though (I ate party food with the in-laws) and I managed to get through it unscathed. I passed all my tests that day. I've been having trouble this week kind of forgetting my portions and not eating on time, but so far I've only failed my blood sugar tests twice.  

Baby Activity
We had an aaaw moment the other night. Aleq lay down beside me and baby started kicking so much. Aleq started talking to baby while moving his hand around my belly, and baby followed his movement! Aleq called it their "cat and mouse" game. Adorbz!

Checkup/Test Update
No checkups or tests this past week.

Pregnancy Favorite
This is hilarious, but I am so into the lowly duster these days. We can call it caftan I guess, heh. The mother-in-law bought me one and it's sooo comfy I want more! I want to wear dusters/caftans around the house all the time now. 

Nanay mode on!

Another favorite that I forgot to mention in earlier posts is my pregnancy journal in my traveler's notebook. I write down any symptoms, observations, feelings in it -- pretty much everything I want to remember about this special time. It helps me keep up with my pregnancy blog updates too. 

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Coming Up
I'll be fasting again tomorrow -- which sucks -- in preparation for my lab tests on Saturday. I'm also going back for a checkup with my endocrinologist on Monday. Wish me luck.

That's all for this week, peeps. Thanks for reading!

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