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Pregnancy Update: 28-29 Weeks

Hi! Here's my now bi-weekly pregnancy update. I would like to remember this special time, so I'm documenting it! I turn a new week every Wednesday (my apps moved up for some reason), so I'm trying to do these posts during the middle of the week. Here's the first ever pregnancy update, and you can find all the pregnancy updates in this tag.

26 and 27 weeks!

Current Facts

Baby Size
28th - Large eggplant, head of cauliflower (14.8 inches, 2.20 pounds)

29th - Cauliflower, small cabbage, acorn squash (15.2 inches, 2.54 pounds)

From the Glow Nurture, What to Expect, and The Bump apps

How I'm Feeling
I've been nesting the past few weeks, a bit before my 28th week came around. I have this great burst of energy at certain times and I've been fixing up our condo, the Sugar Cube, and I'm really loving our home. Aside from those random nesting days though, I've mostly been feeling super tired, especially when my 29th week started. I haven't been getting much sleep since I've been sleeping later than usual. I really have way more energy to do things now, but when I push myself, the fatigue really hits me. 

As for symptoms, I've been feeling a bunch of stuff. My sugar has been running higher than before so pricking my fingers is really bugging me now. I've also started feeling some pressure down there, as well as some tummy pinches, but they don't last and they go away soon enough. My belly and boobs are really itchy too, probably because my skin is stretching more now, and I've actually hit the bottom of my Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter jar already because I'm slathering it on so much. I hope it'll last me a few more weeks until my 9th month! Preggo fog is also so much worse now. I can't seem to remember anything. I think about things and then forget about them a second later. It's a little frustrating, and the hubby has started reminding me over and over of things. The worst symptom was a startling Charley Horse in the middle of the night this past weekend. Both of my legs were cramping so much. Aleq woke up startled and thought I was in labor! Lol. We figured it was because I spent Saturday walking around all day and it was too much for me. 

No more aversions, but I've been craving ALL THE THINGS! These past couple of weeks I've wanted Jollibee Burger Steak, Racks ribs, and lasagna-type pasta, among other things. I've been using my cheat day Saturdays to indulge a bit because otherwise I'd go bonkers. 

From my Twitter: Cheat day shenanigans

Baby Activity
Oh wow this baby is super strong now! He makes waves, kicks, punches, even tugs. One night I couldn't sleep because baby was really having a party in my belly. Aleq held my belly and said, "Hey. Let Mommy sleep. It's late, you have to rest, baby." What do you know, baby actually stopped, heehee. Masunurin! 

This is me at night when baby's partying it up! 
[Got the image from the forums in one of my pregnancy apps. Sorry I don't know who the source is.]

Checkup Update
We had another checkup with my endo on my 28th week. She said my sugar will really start going up because I'm in my last trimester already, so I now have to check my blood sugar four times a day. It's really grueling having to remember to prick my fingers when I wake up, and then 2 hours after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cost of the strips and lancets have also doubled for us too. Still, anything for the little one! Thankfully I don't need insulin at the moment. 

From my Twitter: I don't know where to prick these days. #gdmprobs

Last Saturday during my 29th week was another OB checkup. This went way better -- everything's okay! OB said my symptoms were normal. It's just the baby being in different positions. I lost a pound (so my weight gain since the start of my pregnancy is still at a mere 5 pounds), but OB said baby was looking big (30 fundal height) and they really don't expect me to gain much because I had hyperemesis before and now I'm on my GDM diet.
Baby's heartbeat was really loud again so hubby and I were guessing he probably turned away from the doctor as usual, heh. 

Pregnancy Favorites
I am still loving whole wheat bread and peanut butter! I eat this combo for my snack three times a day (I eat six times a day for my GDM diet). Both are low glycemic and this gives me my sweet fix for the day. I don't know what I'd do if I can't have it. 

Right now we're loving Olsen's Whole Wheat Bread and Peter Pan Honey Roast Creamy Peanut Butter.

Also, yesterday morning, a package unexpectedly arrived from the US from my friend Jing! It had me tearing up because it was just so sweet and generous and Aleq and I loved everything she sent. 

Here's a rundown. Each gift was either incredibly useful or super adorable! There were a couple of yummy ones too.

  • Two maternity tops
  • Maternity sweatpants
  • Baby leg warmers
  • Sakura Matcha Kitkats
  • A pack of Ghirardelli chocolates
  • The Baby Care folder they were given at her hospital when she gave birth
  • As Your Baby Grows magazine
  • Orange baby sandals
  • A Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow
  • Four baby bibs
  • Two long-sleeved baby shirts
  • A Small Paul for Paul Frank onesie
  • An Under Armour onesie
  • An orange onesie with an owl on it that says "Hoot"
  • A blue and orange onesie with cute fish on it
  • A Puma onesie
  • A full white onesie with elephants on it
  • Baby swaddles - one is light gray and the other one has ducks on it
  • The Expectant Father book
  • The Giggle Guide to Baby Gear book
  • The Secret Life of the Unborn Child book
  • A really sweet letter to both of us!
Coming Up
I am having another HBa1c test again plus two thyroid lab tests this weekend, as mandated by my endo. We're also having a spot check ultrasound on our next OB visit in a couple of weeks. So many tests!

And I have to insert a pic of me and the hubby while we were Pokemon-hunting after mass the weekend before last. It was such a fun day, and I'm glad I'm able to do that now. 

A photo posted by Jullienne Lia B. Yerro (@julliennelia) on

That's it for this update! Thanks for reading!

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