Thursday, August 4, 2016

Public Service Announcement: Help Kids Through World Vision's Bags of Hope

If you live in the Philippines, you've probably heard of World Vision one way or another. It's the world's largest international children's charity and it does a lot of good in the country, helping more than 100,000 poor children along with their families and communities. I'm interrupting regular blog programming today for a good cause -- I want to help get the word out about this project that World Vision is doing with Robinsons Supermarket and Unilever. What's interesting about it is that by simply shopping at the supermarket, you can help World Vision kids.

Did you know that almost one-third of Filipino children right now are in dire need of health care, safe water, clean toilet facilities, decent shelter, nutritious food, and education? Around four million kids in the country can't go to school due to various reasons -- high cost of education, insufficient family income, illness, child labor, teen marriage, and inaccessibility to schools. It's disheartening.

This is why World Vision has teamed up with Robinsons Supermarket and Unilever to launch the "Bags of Hope" campaign to help kids with their education and future. Through it, you can become a donor simply by buying the Bags of Hope pack when you do your grocery shopping. You can choose from three kinds of 470ml Lady's Choice spreads -- Mayonnaise, Ham, and Bacon -- and your purchase will automatically entitle you receive a collectible school bag, which comes in four designs. Buying the mayonnaise and bag pack also automatically makes you a donor, and you'll be helping World Vision give out school supplies to children in need.

The next time you head out to do your groceries, look for the Bags of Hope packs at the supermarket. It's a pretty neat way to do your part in helping kids get a chance at life.    

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