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Pregnancy Update: 30-31 Weeks

Hi! Here's my now bi-weekly pregnancy update. I would like to remember this special time, so I'm documenting it! I turn a new week every Wednesday (my apps moved up for some reason), so I'm trying to do these posts during the middle of the week. Here's the first ever pregnancy update, and you can find all the pregnancy updates in this tag.

30 and 31 weeks!

Current Facts

Baby Size
30th - Cabbage, butternut squash, zucchini (15.7 inches, 2.89 pounds)

31st - Broccoli stalk, coconut, asparagus (16.1 inches, 3.31 pounds)

From the Glow Nurture, What to Expect, and The Bump apps

How I'm Feeling
I'm doing pretty well, but the cravings and not being able to eat are getting me down. All the blood sugar monitoring and walking after meals and eating every 2-3 hours is kind of wearing on me at this point. I'm hungry all the time now -- usually an hour after a meal I'm already feeling my tummy rumble, but I have to wait 2-3 hours before I can eat again. 

As for symptoms, I am peeing a ton. It's kind of crazy, and the pressure on my bladder is nuts especially during the evenings. I get up a bunch of times at night. My preggo fog has gotten intense too -- I forget things all the time now. I don't get much sleep because baby likes to have a party in my tummy around bedtime, and it takes me ages to fall asleep. He (or my bladder) also wakes me up way too early in the morning, so I end up taking long naps during the day to compensate. I'm also finding it hard to move now, like getting out of or into bed. My belly feels so much heavier, and I keep bumping it into things (thankfully not hard). The third trimester symptoms sure are coming in fast and furious!

I'm now on my 8th month, woot woot! For some reason it starts at 31 weeks -- maybe because there's a 2-week leeway around the delivery date. I'm just happy I've reached this point. Sometimes the pregnancy app forums crack me up. Here are some funny memes I found myself relating so much to from expecting women who are also in their 31st week/8th month.

Aleq and I had a maternity photo shoot with my cousin Sheila during the weekend of my 30th week too! To be honest we never thought about having one because we're so focused on my GD and all the serious pregnancy stuff. My cousin's a budding photographer (and currently pregnant as well), so one day she just messaged me and said she was coming over to take photos. We just did a quick and casual 30-minute photo shoot here at home before she went off to her prenatal yoga session (which I'm so envious of because I really can't push myself to do those things with all my conditions). She just got done sending me everything this week so we'll be posting the photos soon! Thank you Shell! Here's our super rushed selfie after the shoot:

A photo posted by Jullienne Lia B. Yerro (@julliennelia) on

No aversions at this point but I'm still craving all the things! I need chocolate all the time, and junk food and fastfood. Everything I can't eat, I crave so much!

Baby Activity
Baby is even stronger now since the last update. The funny thing is, he calms down to Closer by The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey! If he's calm and it gets played, he starts partying, but if he's already partying and it gets played, he quiets down. The first time I noticed was when I was watching the video of them playing in Manila, and baby just started bouncing around in my belly. The other night though, I couldn't sleep because he was really making a racket. Aleq started playing the song, and he stopped immediately! He's a funny little dude. 

Aleq also still plays "Where's the baby?" with him. He asks the baby for a fist-bump every time and now he actually sees my tummy move! I just don't like it when Aleq teases him and calls him Big E (from WWE's New Day tag team) and claps to the beat of "New Day Rocks." Baby actually likes it, ugh. 

Checkup Update
I've graduated from monthly to twice-a-month checkups with both OB and endo. Last Saturday we had an ultrasound for growth monitoring plus our 8th month OB checkup. Everything went well! We were excited for the ultrasound because we haven't seen our baby since 20 weeks. We got to see his chubby, cute face! He had his hand up covering his face at first (mataray as usual), so the doc tapped my tummy and baby moved. (I had no idea that was possible!) His face was partially covered by the cord, but it's okay. 

Our little one!

OB was also pretty talkative that day, probably because she said she was so sleepy since she's been on labor watch. She seemed super concerned with her patients, which Aleq and I found comforting and reassuring. Baby is the right size and is now in the right position, yay! OB said I was on track for a normal delivery as of this point. 

Endo checkup went okay too. I had to take my HBa1c and thyroid tests again the week before, so she assessed the results then, as well as my blood sugar log and my food journal. I had more sugar spikes than before, but she said my tests looked good and the majority of my sugar logs were still normal so I don't need insulin or meds just yet. It was a huge relief! Now I just have to keep it up again in the next two weeks. 

Oh and I still haven't gained weight -- my numbers have been steady for weeks now. Both OB and endo didn't seem concerned however, since I'm diet-controlled due to my gestational diabetes. My blood pressure is normal also, so everything's just peachy.

Pregnancy Favorites
I am loving the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge pillow that my friend Jing sent me! I use it whenever I lie down on my side -- which is all the time because you can't really lie flat on your back during pregnancy. It's really narrow on one side but fat on the other, so it's like a doorstop for my belly! It keeps me from rolling onto my belly when I'm asleep plus it sort of catches and supports the rounded underside of my belly so I'm always super comfortable in bed. I actually considered getting a Snoogle or Snug-a-Hug before, but I was concerned about the size. I've been overheating throughout my pregnancy and a full body pillow seemed like it would make me hot. The Boppy is just the right size for my belly alone, so it's perfect. I love it and I now consider it an essential!

  The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge in action.

I'm also sharing my favorite GDM thing at the moment -- roasted cauliflower! I need to eat veggies with every meal, and this is one of my favorites right now. We just drizzle cauliflower with olive oil, salt and pepper, and then bake it in the oven for about 30 minutes. It rocks. I find it so addictive.

Coming Up
OB is recommending tetanus shots for myself and the hubby. Even if we had the vaccines when we were young, we need boosters just to ensure that baby will be safe during delivery and after. She said she had a patient who died from getting tetanus during a pedicure! Crazy. (I'm glad I stayed away from manis and pedis throughout my pregnancy.) We're getting the shots at our next checkup so it's going to be interesting. 

That's it for now. Thanks for reading!

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