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Pregnancy Update: 32-35 Weeks

Hi! Here's my latest pregnancy update. I would like to remember this special time, so I'm documenting it! The past month was hectic, plus I got sick, which was why I wasn't able to update much. I turn a new week every Wednesday (my apps moved up for some reason). I'm actually on the first day of my 36th week now, so let's catch up shall we? Here's the first ever pregnancy update, and you can find all the pregnancy updates in this tag.

32-35 weeks!

Current Facts

Baby Size
32nd - Bok choy, large jicama, squash (16.6 inches, 3.75 pounds)

33rd - Pineapple, honeydew melon, celery (17.2 inches, 4. 19 pounds)

34th - Muskmelon, pineapple, butternut squash (17.7 inches, 4.63 pounds)

35th - Small spaghetti squash, canary melon, pineapple (18.1 inches, 5.07 pounds)

From the Glow Nurture, What to Expect, and The Bump apps

How I'm Feeling
32nd week: I felt okay. I felt my energy decrease, but was okay in general. It was a pretty uneventful week for me. All I had to deal with was some mild insomnia from the party in my belly that the little guy throws every night. 

33rd week: Had a problematic stomach some mornings (including the wee hours of the night), but I was okay in the afternoons and evenings, which was really odd. It went away after 3 days though so OB wasn't concerned and said that I probably just ate something that didn't agree with me that week. I had absolutely no energy that week -- just a lot of lethargy and fatigue in general. I also started feeling a bit nauseated after eating, like there was no space in my stomach for food anymore. It was all baby. 

34th week: I got sick. It was the first time I was sick (with standard run-of-the-mill sickness and not pregnancy-related) in 8 months. I thought I would never get sick my entire pregnancy, which was unusual for me because I usually get sick several times a year. I figured my prenatal vitamins were doing their job, but alas, they finally failed me. The week of our baby showers, some friends had really bad colds, so I was bound to get it. I didn't do much that week. It was tough not being able to take any meds for it, so I just stayed in bed and drank lots of lemon water. Thankfully, it eventually went away. This was also the week when I started waddling, belly started feeling a bit heavy, and I had some Braxton Hicks here and there. I also started snoring (softly according to the husband) for the first time in my life! 

35th week: This was the week that I felt everything changed. I started getting extremely uncomfortable. My belly's always so tight and I can't breathe most of the time. Most days, the only comfortable position for me is lying down. Walking has become difficult, but I still try to do my 15-minute walks (now 20-minute walks, as per doctor's orders). I am only able to walk once or twice a day these days though, when I should be walking thrice a day. Oh well. The Charley Horses (aka leg cramps or pulikat in Filipino) also came back with a vengeance. I got them a few times that week. I get lots of Braxton Hicks now, which make my stomach so hard I have to stop whatever I'm doing and lie down. Then of course there's the shortness of breath, frequent peeing, major preggo fog, and zero energy. I spend a lot of time sleeping during the day these days. 

Meme from one of the preggo forums I read

Again, all the things! I still love cheese, and I've especially been craving chocolate and burgers. The hubby has been getting me my burgers and chocolate during cheat days, and man I go to town with them. There was also this one night when I just wanted instant noodles so bad. It was a good thing we had yakisoba in our pantry at the time!

 From my Snapchat - one random cheat day. 

Baby Activity
The little one has hiccups once or twice a day (sometimes more) now! Even Aleq can feel them. It's the cutest thing, but baby also gets annoyed with them and sometimes he kicks/flails when he gets them, the poor guy. His waves, kicks, pulls, and tugs have gotten super strong though and they can be really uncomfy. I'm glad I feel him -- and Aleq can see the movement -- all the time now. He also reacts to us whenever we talk to him or touch my tummy, which is very cool. 

Memorable Moments
Like I mentioned in my last update, we had a maternity shoot with my cousin Shell. I've finally gotten around to posting the pics! Click on over here to see them: Our Maternity Photo Shoot at 30 Weeks. Aleq and I are so happy that we have these photos. 

We also had baby showers thrown for us by our families and friends during our 33rd week. I posted some pics from that special weekend here: Our Baby Showers for Little Boy Blue.

Lastly, I was finally able to go to Megamall with Aleq this past weekend to check out the baby stores and get a few things that we need for the baby! We felt so overwhelmed, but thankfully I was able to send some mommy friends emergency texts via Viber and we were able to make some important decisions on what to buy that day. Thanks peeps!

From my Snapchat: our first baby shopping day  

Checkup Update
We had several checkups this past month. On our 33rd week, we had our usual OB checkup. Everything was great. My weight is still the same (5 pounds gained for the entire pregancy), but OB is okay with it because I'm on the GD diet. The only thing notable was that my fundal height dipped from 30cm to 29cm, but OB said it was probably because my belly has already dropped a little bit. Things also started getting serious then, because OB has started preparing my deliver papers. Oh, and this was the week I switched from Obimin prenatal vitamins to Natalwiz prenatal vitamins. I forgot to ask OB why but I read in forums that there are some vitamins you have to avoid once you reach a certain week in your pregnancy so maybe that's why. 

On our 34th week, we had our worst endo checkup to date. It was the week after the hubby's birthday and our showers so I really wasn't able to control my diet as much and had more sugar spikes than usual. As a result, I was put on insulin. I now inject twice a day -- 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before lunch. Sigh. This means that with my blood sugar monitoring, I prick myself 6 times a day. It has been such an adjustment, especially dealing with the times. I have to time when I inject insulin, when I eat, and when I take my sugar tests. It is even more of a hassle when I'm out of the house and I have to inject myself elsewhere.

From my Twitter: my insulin kit

The next week, the 35th, we had to go back to the endo for a follow-up checkup to see if the insulin was working. Thankfully, it was, and endo said I was hitting my targets so I don't need to go back every week for checks. We're back to twice-a-week checkups for now.

We also had another ultrasound this past weekend for growth monitoring, and baby's doing fine. He's a bit of a snob though and didn't want to take pictures! He covered his face with his arms and we could only see his mouth and chin. He really takes after his dad, haha. His growth is normal, which makes us happy because that's what we're trying to avoid with my GD (the baby getting too large I mean). Then we had our OB checkup, where our doctor shocked us by saying that I could give birth in 10 days, because I would be on my 37th week then! Crazy! I also got my TDAP shot (which guards against Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis), and it's a pretty strong one because until now the part of my arm where I got the injection is still a little sore. I also had to take the GB Swab test, which checks for Group B Streptococcus. It's a virus found in our intestines that doesn't really affect adults but can be passed on to the baby who can be harmed by it. Thankfully, the result was negative for me. 

Pregnancy Favorites
I don't have a lot of favorites this time around, but I have to mention this baby bib that my aunt Eve got our little boy. She spent some time in France and Italy recently, and she brought home a few things for us, including this bib with an angel on it that says Roma. Thanks Tita!

Coming Up
We (I always try to say we because my husband is as much a part of this pregnancy as I am) have graduated to 1 1/2-week OB checkups. OB told me I would have to go through the dreaded internal exam (IE) then so wish me luck!

Whew that was quite the novel! Thanks for reading all of that. Hopefully I can go back to doing weekly or bi-weekly updates after this so these posts won't be as long. 

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