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The Blue Purse is a chronicle of my bloopers in fashion, tech, food, toys, beauty, music, books, travel, and other obsessions. I'm J, and I'm into a lot of things. I thought I'd write about it all here.

When I started blogging in 2002, everyone was pouring their hearts out on the Internet.

I was a member of The Wallflowers' official online forum and a few members there were blogging on DeadJournal. I thought it was a wonderful idea, having kept paper journals and diaries since I was a kid. I was a bum, fresh out of college, and I had nothing to do besides looking for my first job ever. I signed up and started my blog, and then moved to LiveJournal shortly after.

Back then, blogging was so personal. People simply told stories about their lives -- their work, love lives, hobbies, problems, families. Pictures in posts were very rare at the start, and it was actually a treat to see photos in blogs. There was no social media, and there was no pressure at all to keep up with anything else aside from your friends' blogs. People really got to know each other there, and I have stayed online friends with a lot of people I met on LiveJournal to this day.

Eventually, even my real life friends put up blogs on Friendster and Blogger and we kept up with each other's lives through our blogs. Even if we didn't see each other for a while, it would be okay when we finally met up because our blogs have kept us updated.  

Now, it's 2013, and the Internet is massive, social media is at the center of everything, and the landscape of blogging has changed dramatically. I still have my LiveJournal, but it's a tumbleweed party there these days. I have kept in touch with most of my online friends from back in the day, but they're scattered all over my social networks. Most of my real life friends have stopped blogging. Facebook has all these pictures but with almost no context; no stories behind them. Twitter keeps everyone updated on the little things, but only in bite-sized pieces. Tumblr is all about the reblogs. Blogs have become something else. There are all kinds now, mostly based on specific interests, and there are still some personal blogs out there, but not at the level it was before.

This was not meant to be a lament on the demise of really personal blogging however (though I think it's kind of sad). The point is, blogging is different now. I will be keeping my LiveJournal and Tumblr for as long as it takes, but I felt the need to make a separate blog for my interests. LiveJournal will be the place for my personal stuff, kept under Friends-Only wraps, while my Tumblr will be for reblogs and short snippets of life.

The Blue Purse is the place for me to write about my obsessions. Here, I can be girly over clothes and makeup, geek out over games and things, tell travel stories, freak out over toys and food, and talk about my attempts at fitness. I can talk about everything I'm into and be able to share it all with the world. I considered doing separate blogs but I had too many interests. I didn't want to have to maintain several blogs. This isn't just a beauty blog, or a fashion blog, or a travel blog, or a food blog, or a geek blog. It's a lifestyle blog in a sense, but it's more of a personal website for the things I love.

The story of this site's header, which represents all my interests is over at My Favorite Things.        

The story on how the actual website went up and the people who helped me with it is over at Finally,

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